Season One & Two Episodes

Season One

Episode 1: Welcome to Haven

Episode 2:  Seeing Red

Episode 3: What’s In a Name?

Episode 4:  Still of the Night

Episode 5: The Awful Truth

Episode 6: Morbid Curiosity

Episode 7: Eye Spy

Episode 8:  TheWrath of Sadie Todd

Episode 9: Downpour

Episode 10: Road Games

Episode 11: You Can Go Home Again

Episode 12: Spellbound

Season Finale Part One: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Pearl

Season Finale Part Two

Season Two

Episode 2-1: Bizarre Love Triangle

Episode 2-2: Ghost Date

Episode 2-3: Hell Hath No Fury…

Episode 2-4: Night Moves

Episode 2-5: With the Best of Intentions

Episode 2-6: The Ex-Files

Episode 2-7:  The Unquiet Morning

Episode 2-8: Tooth and Nail

Episode 2-9: The Fight for a Pearl

Episode 2-10: Full Moon Madness

Episode 2-11: Beauty and the Beasts

Episode 2-12: Stormwatch

Season Two Finale: Stormy Weather


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