Season Four Sneak Peek

A look at what’s ahead for the next season of Dark Haven…

  • Pearl recovers from her near-death at the hands of the now-deceased Bridget Walsh and she and Quinn grow even closer, much to Damien’s dismay. The love-struck werewolf is not giving up on his goal to make Pearl his wife.
  • Bridget’s murder by Christoph falls under the radar and Haven tries to return to what they know as normal. But Christoph’s presence threatens the calm, as Jude and Quinn try to adjust to him being back in their lives.
  • Christoph proves a loyal ally for Quinn as he aids him in his quest to make Pearl his for good. Meanwhile, Jude’s love for his wayward brother and the frustration over his strained relationship with his father brings his vampire side out for the very first time.
  • Sadie and Micah take their relationship to the next level, while Gene and Iva fall in love with someone in a completely different way when they find an abandoned baby boy in Bigelow.
  • Josephine puts her plan in motion to rid herself and her sons of Christoph for good but it involves escaping from the mental hospital! Will she succeed in killing the man who ruined her life?
  • Pearl witnesses Damien’s transformation into a werewolf and spends a harrowing night in the company of wolves.

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