Episode 3-11


  • Pearl agreed to go on an outing with Quinn to visit his hideaway.
  • Rhiannon tried to comfort Damien over his unrequited love for Pearl.
  • Iva and Micah visited Jude and told them about their visions of Christoph.
  • Christoph Nightshade arrived in Maine and paid a horrifying visit to Josephine at the mental hospital.
  • Bridget started making deadly plans for Pearl.

Halloween Night, the Lawrence Farm

“Pearl, are you sure you don’t want to come with us tonight?” Sadie Todd asked as she was putting on her black cape. “You don’t have to do the walking tour. You just can stay in the hall and drink hot chocolate.” She, along with her Uncle Gene, Aunt Iva and friend Micah Johnson were heading into Bigelow to celebrate Halloween by going on a tour of haunted spots.

“No, I really should stay here and get some rest. You all go and have fun. Besides, they’re showing a horror movie marathon on TV. I’ll be sure to get my scares,” Pearl Tyler replied good-naturedly.

Sadie moved closer to Pearl. “Quinn isn’t coming over is he?” she asked in a conspiratorial tone.

“No, but you never know with him,” she answered, nearly whispering.

“Come on Sadie, we need to get going,” Gene said.

“Have a good time you all. Happy Halloween,” Pearl told them.

“Take care Pearl. We’ll be back around 1:30.” Iva gave her a small hug.

“Bye.” Pearl waved them off and once they were gone, she sat down on the sofa and turned on the TV. The Wolfman was playing and she immediately thought of Damien Collins. I should give him a call, she thought silently.

Just then the doorbell rang. Pearl sighed, turned off the TV and got up to answer it. It was probably Quinn Nightshade, trying to sneak in another night with her despite him being with her all morning. But to her utter surprise, Caleb, Rhiannon and Astrid Collins were on the front porch.

“Hello Caleb, Rhiannon, Astrid…what a nice surprise. What brings you over this time of night?” Pearl asked cheerfully as the three entered the living room.

“We wanted to talk to you Pearl,” Caleb responded urgently.

“Of course. Please sit down. Can I get you anything?” Pearl said.

“No thank you. This is really important,” Rhiannon told her.

Pearl realized Damien wasn’t with them. “Damien didn’t want to come? I was going to call him.”

“He’ll be along shortly,” Astrid explained.

Pearl took a seat in an easy chair. “So, tell me what’s going on.” She smiled at the three Collinses.

“Rhiannon and I had to do some major comforting to Damien today. He’s been very upset,” Caleb began, looking straight at Pearl.

She looked down at her swollen stomach. “It’s about me.”

“He’s torn up about you spending so much time with Quinn,” Rhiannon said. “Nothing Caleb or Astrid and I can say or do will console him.”

Pearl glanced back up. “I know he doesn’t like me being with Quinn but I can’t help it. He comes over and I can’t turn him away. I know you and Iva and Gene and Sadie don’t want me being around him, but you don’t understand…I’ve developed feelings for him.”

“Are you in love with him?” Astrid wanted to know.

Pearl shook her head. “It’s not love, but I care about him very much. He’s changed since we first met. I’m not afraid of him anymore. I’ve tried to tell Damien this but it upsets him too much so I change the subject. I don’t want to hurt him. I care about him as well. I’ll always be grateful to him for rescuing me and taking care of me.”

“Then show him how much you care about him,” Caleb pleaded.

“What else can I do?” Pearl asked.

The three were silent for a bit. Then Rhiannon spoke. “Marry him.”


 Damien Collins made his way down the dark country road toward the Lawrence farm. He had rehearsed his proposal to Pearl over and over all evening. He only hoped that with his mom, dad and sister showing up first to plead his case would help. He was extremely happy that they finally realized he only wanted to love and protect Pearl.

The large white house finally came into sight and he pulled into the driveway. He noticed the silver van that his father drove to the farm and parked beside it. He got out of his pickup truck and stood there for a few minutes, enveloping the cool night air. Then he began to make his way towards the front porch.


 Inside the farmhouse, Pearl was flabbergasted to say the least at Rhiannon’s startling request. “I don’t believe this. You want me to marry Damien?”

“He loves you so much Pearl. You’re all he thinks about and talks about. He only wants to protect you and keep you safe,” Rhiannon insisted. “He also cares about your unborn child as well.”

Pearl stood up and turned away from her visitors, looking at the window curtains. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Say yes,” Caleb told her.

Pearl turned back around, a look of frustration on her face. “Do you realize what you’re asking me to do? I’ve only known your son for just almost two weeks and now you want me to become his wife? I just got out of a marriage—the last thing I need is another one, especially to someone that is…well…not even fully human.”

“If you’re afraid because you would be joining a family of werewolves, don’t be. You know Damien wouldn’t hurt you. None of us would,” Astrid reassured her. “We care about you.”

“What about my baby?” Pearl reminded them, on the verge of tears.

“You know we wouldn’t hurt that precious little girl,” Rhiannon said.

“It’s more than just marrying into your family. There’s also the fact that one day, you or Damien would ask me to become what you are…I don’t want to. I want to stay human.” Pearl started to cry.

Rhiannon jumped up from the sofa to comfort her. As she took her into her arms, there was a knock at the door. “Damien,” Astrid murmured.

“I’ll let him in,” Caleb told his daughter, rushing to the door. He opened it up and Damien quickly came inside. He saw his mother holding Pearl and instantly got worried.

“What’s going on Dad?”

Rhiannon and Pearl broke away upon hearing his voice. Pearl gazed at him through tear-stained eyes. Damien immediately went to her. “Pearl,” he softly said. He took her into his arms and held her tightly. “Please don’t cry.”

Pearl eased herself out his embrace and rubbed her eyes. “I can’t do this Damien…I can’t marry you. I know you love me and you want to protect me but it’s way too soon.”

“Come on, let’s go somewhere and talk in private.” He tenderly took her hand and looked at his parents and sister. “I’m going to take her into the den. I’ll handle this now.”

Caleb nodded. “Okay son. We’re going to go back home.” He glanced over at Pearl. “Please don’t be angry with us. We just want Damien to be happy. You don’t know how lonely he is.”

“I understand,” Pearl replied, regaining her composure. “I’m not angry, just in shock.”

Rhiannon approached her son. “I love you,” she said.

“I love you too Mum. I’ll be okay.”

“I’ll see you later.” She went back to Caleb and Astrid and they all left the house. Damien and Pearl were alone. “Damien, this is insanity,” she said firmly. “I can’t marry you.”

His response was to take her back into his arms again and kiss her. Pearl allowed the kiss. Once he was done, he smiled at her. “I’m going to go through with this proposal. I have to tell you how I feel.”

He started leading her out of the living room and into the den.


Harmony Memorial Park

Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” was playing on the car CD as Christoph Nightshade sat inside his BMW. He gazed out into the dark night. The park was empty and without the sounds of children playing and others walking around or enjoying the outdoors, the entire area took on an eerie vibe.

Christoph took his wallet out of his pants pocket and pulled out a picture. It was his two sons, Jude and Quinn, who were sitting side by side and smiling at the camera against a white background. Quinn was three and Jude was only a year old. He smiled sadly as he stroked the photo, taken during much happier times, with his index finger. We can have those happy times again, he said to the photo. We have so much catching up to do.

He placed the picture down in a cup holder and started up the car. He wanted to get to Haven as quickly as possible. Thanks to the recently deceased private investigator Del Hammond, he found out where Quinn and Jude had been living all these years. When their mother Josephine was placed into the mental hospital, Jude had the deed of the house transferred to him. He was always the responsible one and despite being the younger brother, he was the one who looked after Quinn. He became the father figure. But that was no more. Christoph was back and now he would be taking care of his sons. He had lost too many years without them, and nobody was going to get in his way of being with them again, even if it meant blood had to be shed.


The Lawrence Farm

Damien and Pearl were sitting on the sofa in the den. Pearl watched as he took out the blue velvet box from his pants pocket and opened it up, revealing the diamond ring. She bit her lip in an attempt to keep from crying again as he picked up the ring held it between his fingers.

“I’ve been agonizing over this for days now, trying to find the right words to say,” he began. “But all I can say is that I love you and want to take care of you. I don’t want to lose you. I know we’ve only just met and I know you think this is way too fast but I know this is right.” He peered into her green eyes deeply. “Marry me Pearl.”

She shook her head rapidly. “I can’t and you know that.”

Damien sighed and put the ring away. Pearl cupped his chin and brought him back to face her. “I’m not planning to stay in Haven Damien. As soon as I have my daughter I’ll be leaving. I don’t want to set you up for heartbreak.”

“What about Quinn? Does he know this?” Damien asked, his voice dripping with acid.

“He knows. I’ve made it clear to him as well.” Pearl looked down at her stomach then back at Damien. “You need to stop this rivalry with Quinn. It’s not healthy.”

“I don’t like him with you Pearl!” he exclaimed. “He’s dangerous.”

“Not anymore,” Pearl said. “He’s changed. But you’re too blind with hate to see that.”

“He has you fooled. He’s only pretending to be sweet so he can get what he wants. Once he has you he’s not going to give you space. He’ll try to possess you, just like he did with Megan,” Damien argued.

“I don’t believe that. He realizes I’m not like Megan and I never will be.” Pearl got off the sofa. “I don’t want to talk about Quinn anymore.”

Damien got up and wrapped his arms around Pearl, gently kissing her neck. “I’m sorry. It’s just that I love you and I hate knowing you’ve been spending so much time with him.” He turned her around and gazed at her. “Look, I apologize for springing this on you so sudden, and even if you’ve turned me down, I still want to you think about my proposal. A lot can change in three months.”

“You know I care about you Damien. You know how grateful I am that you came to my rescue in the woods. I always want you to remember that,” Pearl told him. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Well, I guess this means I should be going,” he said with a defeatist tone. “I’m still going to hold out hope for us though.” He kissed her warmly. “I love you Red.”

“I know. Take care Damien and I’ll talk to you later, okay?” Pearl smiled at him.

He nodded and left the den. Pearl followed him into the living room and onto the front porch. He turned around and she waved him goodbye. He walked to his truck and got in and Pearl went back into the house. She shut the door, leaned up against it and took a huge breath. I wonder if this night can get any crazier, she asked herself.

Meanwhile Damien sat in his truck in the driveway. He should have expected Pearl to turn him down but her rejection still hurt. I’m not giving up, no matter what, he told himself firmly. He started the truck and pulled away from the farm, heading for home.


St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center, Lewiston

 Nurse Sarah Callahan stood over Duncan Tyler as he lay in his bed. It was a quiet evening on the ward and she decided to pop in his room and check on him. There was no movement unlike earlier.

“I hope you wake up for good sometime,” she softly told him. “Someone is out there who’s nearly gotten away with murder.”

She left the room to go back to the nurses’ station. Then a few moments later, Duncan started to twitch again like before. After a bit of jerky movement, his blue eyes snapped open and he slowly began to sit up. He adjusted his eyes to the light above his bed. He opened his mouth but no sound came out. He kept trying until he was able to croak out a word. “Nurse.”

He said it a second time and then a third, his voice getting stronger. Finally, he yelled at the top of his lungs.

“I’m awake! Nurse…I’m awake!”

Coming up:

  • Duncan is unable to remember who attacked him but tells Doctor Warren he knows it wasn’t Pearl.
  • Pearl receives terrifying phone calls while alone at the farm.
  • Damien has a nightmare that he attacks and bites Pearl while as a werewolf.
  • Bridget breaks into the farm and holds Pearl at knife-point!

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