Episode 3-7: The Awakening

Harmony Mental Hospital, early evening

Jude Nightshade was in the room of his mother, Josephine Grant. He decided at the last minute to have dinner with her and stopped at the local diner to get a meal and something to drink to go. As he was eating a cheese steak sub, his mother was munching on a tuna fish sandwich. He noticed the apprehensive look on her face.

“Mother, you’re not still worrying that Father is coming back, are you? We don’t even know where he is.” He reached out and patted her shoulder reassuringly.

“We don’t have to know where he is. He knows where we are,” Josephine replied with a shake in her voice. “And I know he’s returning. It’s been too long.”

Jude put down his sub and gazed intently at her. “But why, after all these years, would he come back?”

She chuckled sarcastically. “Because he’s spiteful and vindictive, and he bores easily. He was never one for staying in the same place for too long.” She took another bite of her sandwich then continued. “I was surprised we were together for all those years.”

Jude looked down at his lap, a forlorn grimace on his lips. “He really did love you Mother. You sparked something in him that made him want to settle down.” He glanced back up at her. “You tamed him, at least for a while.”

“He’s not tame anymore. He was furious when I forced him out of the house and told him not to ever contact me or you or Quinn again…” Her voice trailed off in sadness as she mentioned Quinn’s name. “I know he hates me for making Christoph leave. He’s so much like his father.”

Jude moved closer to her. “Mother, there’s something I should tell you, about Quinn.”

“Oh?” Josephine’s eyebrows arched in curiosity.

“It seems my brother has found his own version of you,” Jude softly answered. “He’s fallen madly in love with a woman and he talks about her all the time. Her name is Pearl.”

“Does this woman love him?” Josephine wanted to know. “Does she know what he is?”

“She knows he’s part vampire. It doesn’t seem to faze her. But she’s not in love with him like Quinn is with her. I think she really cares about him but doesn’t want to rush things until her baby is born.”

Josephine’s eyes widened in shock. “Baby? You mean she’s pregnant by him?”

Jude quickly shook his head. “It’s not Quinn’s Mother. He met her after she got pregnant. She’s divorced. She ended up in Haven after getting into a traumatic car accident. She’s on doctor’s orders not to leave until she gives birth.”

“Oh my word,” Josephine quietly exclaimed. “Does she know about Christoph?”

“I think so,” Jude responded. “She and Quinn have spent lots of time together so I’m certain he’s told her about Father.”

Josephine’s face turned grim and serious. She looked Jude deep in the eye. “If she—Pearl—knows about Christoph she needs to realize what she’s getting into, if she decides to get involved with Quinn.”

Now it was Jude’s turn to chuckle. “I think Pearl’s been in Haven long enough to realize anything can happen.”


The Lawrence Farm, Pearl Tyler’s bedroom

“So Jude made you do the grocery shopping huh?” Pearl remarked with a wide smile on her face as she talked with Quinn Nightshade on her cell phone. “I think that’s sweet.”

“Jude usually does it but he decided to take a spontaneous trip to see our Mother so I had to do it,” Quinn explained. He left me a note, which is a good thing, because I wouldn’t know what in the hell to get.”

Pearl laughed. “I think this domestic side of you is quite nice.”

“Oh you think so, huh? Well, after I finish this little errand I’m going to come over and show you how domestic I can be,” Quinn said seductively.

“I think you better add a cold shower to that list of yours,” Pearl teased. “Besides, I’m exhausted. I had a very long day dealing with my horrible ex-in-laws and unfortunately I also ran into that little tramp, Bridget Walsh, whom I told you about. Did you know she’s coming to Haven?”

“You mean your ex-husband’s mistress is here?” Quinn replied incredulously.

“She’s up to something Quinn. She blames me for Duncan ending their affair. I don’t know what she’s got planned but it can’t be good.”

“Don’t worry sweetheart, I won’t let that little wench hurt you, or she’ll end up being my next meal.” Quinn let out a demonic little laugh.

“Quinn, I wouldn’t go so far as murder, but I appreciate the sentiment. No, I think she’s going to end up screwing herself over, like she always does,” Pearl confidently commented. “Look, I better let you get this shopping done. It’s suppertime and I’m starving. I’ll see you soon, okay?”

“I’ll come by later tonight, through the basement window. I love you Pearl,” Quinn told her.

“Goodbye Quinn. I’ll see you later.” Pearl clicked off the cell and put it on the nightstand. She sat up on the bed, stretched, and stood up. “Come on little one,” she told her unborn baby lovingly. “Let’s get some supper.”


Shop & Go in Harmony, a few minutes later

The sounds of “Witchy Woman” by The Eagles wafted from the speakers as Quinn Nightshade pushed his shopping cart down the empty meat aisle. He looked at the list his brother Jude wrote out. A rump roast was on it. He instantly knew Jude was planning to make roast beef sandwiches.

Thank God Jude is the cook in the family or otherwise we’d be living off takeout the rest of our lives, Quinn thought to himself. He hated to cook and he was grateful his brother inherited their mother’s domestic abilities. Even though he didn’t think much of her, she had been a wonderful cook.

Quinn located the rump roast and placed it in the shopping cart. Luckily the list wasn’t that long. He was eager to finish up this shopping trip, drop off the groceries and go visit Pearl. She was in a good mood and he wanted to take advantage of it.


St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center

Doctor Gail Warren stood over Duncan Tyler. His eyes were closed but he was moving around in his bed like a wiggling worm. Next to the doctor was the nurse who discovered him coming out of his coma.

“Mr. Tyler, can you hear me?” Doctor Warren asked him. “This is Doctor Warren.”

He opened his lips but all that escaped was a slight groan.

“Mr. Tyler,” Dr. Warren said again, this time more firmly. “Can you hear me?”

This time, he snapped open his eyes.  He moved his head in the direction of Dr. Warren’s voice. Both she and the nurse looked at him in anticipation.

“I—I—“ Duncan closed his eyes and gulped loudly. “Hurts—hurts—to—talk…”

“I’ll get some water,” the nurse said. She quickly left the room.

Doctor Warren kneeled down next to Duncan. “I’ve contacted your mother and father. They should be here shortly. I think they, as well as myself and the other staff here, are anxious for you to see if you can recall who attacked you.”

Duncan opened and closed his eyes again. “Blur,” he half-croaked.

Doctor Warren shook her head. “I don’t understand.”

The nurse returned with the water. Doctor Warren took it from her. “Sarah, could you raise Mr. Tyler’s bed so he can drink this water?”

“Yes Doctor.” Sarah went to the other side of his bed and pulled the lever which raised his head. Once he was sitting up, Doctor Warren put the Styrofoam cup to his lips. Duncan nearly finished the entire cup before speaking again.

“It’s all a blur,” he told the two women, his voice still hoarse but not as raspy. “I can’t see who hurt me.”

“It’s okay Mr. Tyler. Perhaps in time the memories will return. You’ve suffered some nasty blows but luckily they weren’t severe enough to cause permanent brain damage,” Doctor Warren explained.”

“My head aches so badly,” Duncan said, shutting his eyes. “I need to rest.”

“Yes, rest will be the best thing for you. Sarah will bring you something for pain. I’ll be back in later to check on you,” Doctor Warren told him in a soothing tone.

“I’ll get some Percoset for you,” Sarah said. “Just relax.” With a nod to both Duncan and the doctor, she again left the room.

Doctor Warren smiled at her patient and also exited. Duncan closed his eyes, struggling to conjure up the image of his attacker, but he got nothing—except blackness.


The grocery store parking lot

Quinn was loading groceries into the trunk of his Corvette. He glanced at his watch. It was a little after five-thirty. He had plenty of time to visit with Pearl. He couldn’t wait to take her into his arms and cover her with kisses.

Suddenly a scene popped into his head. He and his father were taking a walk in their backyard. It was a year before his mother had forced him out of the home and moved he and Jude to Haven. He was thirteen. He could remember him talking about his love for their mother and how when he first met her he knew she was the one for him and he had to have her. There were quite a few women before I met your mother, but there was something about Josie. She sparked feelings in me I hadn’t felt in years. I thought after seeing her that I might be able to live a normal life…

Quinn was still lost in his reverie when a sultry female voice piped up. “You must be having one hell of a daydream. Do you think I could be part of it?”

“Huh?” Quinn snapped out of his thoughts and turned his head towards the voice. He noticed a petite blonde standing next to him, wearing dark blue and tight skinny jeans tucked inside knee-high black boots. She wore a purple leather cropped jacket and matching scarf. Her hair was blowing in the autumn breeze. She had a flirtatious smile on her pretty face. Any other time he would have pounced on her but he wasn’t interested. Like his father Christoph, he already had his Josephine—and that was Pearl.

She slinked closer to him. “I said, I’d like to be part of that daydream you were having. It seemed pretty intense.”

Quinn looked at her with amusement. “Aren’t you a little desperate, trying to come on to someone in the parking lot of a grocery store?”

“And don’t you think you’re being more than a little rude? I thought Maine was supposed to be a friendly place.” She glared at him with cold brown eyes.

Quinn glared back. “If you’re looking for a shag you’ve met the wrong man. I happen to be madly in love with a sweet and wonderful woman. Go look somewhere else.” He put the last of his groceries in the trunk and slammed it shut. As he walked to the driver side door, she moved quick and leaned up against it, blocking his path.

“I happen to be very good at leading men away from women they’re madly in love with.” She inched closer to him and smiled cattily. “I’m very hard to resist.”

“I think it’s pathetic that you feel proud of wrecking relationships,” Quinn retorted. “Now get off my car. I’m going to visit Pearl.”

At the mention of Pearl’s name, Bridget Walsh gasped. “Oh my God I can’t believe it! You’re in love with that old cow?”

Quinn crossed his arms and glared at her again, his brown eyes forming into tiny slits. “Well, well, well, looks like I’ve met the infamous Bridget Walsh. Pearl has told me a lot about you. Of course, none of it was good, considering you broke up her marriage.” He then chuckled sarcastically. “I should thank you. If it wasn’t for you, Pearl would have never wound up here and I would have never met her.”

“This is crazy. Pearl’s only been out of Lancaster for a little over a week and she already has found someone else? She’s pregnant for Christ sakes! I can’t believe a middle-aged bag with a bun in the oven has managed to land a hot guy like you.” Bridget was flabbergasted.

“Don’t you dare talk about her like that. She is gorgeous, gentle, kind and loving. Qualities you will never have, because apparently you’re too obsessed with opening your legs up to married men,” Quinn angrily replied.

“You bastard,” Bridget furiously spat. “Don’t you ever talk to me like that again.”

Quinn’s eyes bored into hers like a grinding drill. “I’m warning you Ms. Walsh. Leave Pearl alone, or you will live to regret it. You have no idea what I can do. I can make your life a living hell.”

“You have no idea what I can do,” Bridget countered threateningly. That bitch ruined my life and she will pay. Count on it.” She turned on her heel and sharply walked away from Quinn, who stood there fuming. There was no way on earth he was going to let that shrew hurt his Pearl. He hopped into his car and sped off, gunning for the Lawrence farm.

St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center

Nurse Sarah Callahan briskly headed for Duncan Tyler’s room, holding a tiny plastic cup with a round white pill lying inside it. Another emergency had left her putting getting his pain medicine on hold. She couldn’t believe he had come out of his coma. His parents would be thrilled, not to mention the police.

The pretty, heavyset nurse entered the room—and nearly dropped the pill cup when she saw Duncan. He was half-in, half-out of his bed and he appeared to be unconscious. She thrust the cup into her scrub pocket and rapidly placed him back in his bed. “Mr. Tyler,” Sarah said, trying to waken him. “Mr. Tyler, wake up.” But it was no use. He apparently had fallen back into his coma. She left the room as quickly as she came in. She had to alert Doctor Warren, and she wondered if he would ever wake up again.

Coming up next:

  • Quinn visits Pearl and again attempts to make love with her but she turns him down even though she admits her feelings for him are growing.
  • Damien waffles back and forth between proposing to Pearl.
  • Bridget meets Quinn a second time and on this encounter, a different set of sparks fly…

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