Episode 3-6: Blonde Ambition

Bridget Walsh Promo


  • Pearl confronted Bridget at the hospital and the two traded insults.
  • Bridget accused Pearl of ruining her life.
  • Pearl angrily informed her ex-in-laws they will not be allowed to see their granddaughter after she is born.
  • Bridget secretly vowed to get revenge on Pearl.
  • Quinn told Jude Damien is planning to ask Pearl to marry him;  Jude told Quinn he asked Megan to leave him alone.

Mitch’s Motors, Bigelow, Maine, late afternoon

“Damien, this one is a real beauty. You and Caleb sure did a great job fixing this one up,” Mitch Callahan, owner of Mitch’s Motors said enthusiastically to Damien Collins. The two were looking at a fire-engine red 1984 Pontiac Trans-Am that Damien had taken to his friend to sell.

Damien nodded. “Yeah, she’s amazing. It was sitting there in the back of our garage, waiting to be restored. There was nothing wrong with the engine. The original owner just didn’t want it anymore. I don’t think I would ever give up a car like this.”

“I know I can sell this for a pretty penny…and the money you and Caleb will get from me for the restoration won’t even put a dent in my pocket,” Mitch replied cheerfully. “Come on into the office and I’ll write you out a check.”

As the two started to walk towards the small trailer where the office was, they heard the sound of a car pull up. Both men turned around to see a tan Ford Focus pull into the parking lot.

“Hey, a customer,” Mitch said, growing excited. He hurried to meet the driver of the Focus. Damien stood and watched him.

Bridget Walsh slinked out of the car, wearing huge dark sunglasses that covered her face. Damien couldn’t help but notice the good-looking blonde wearing a cropped red jacket, crisp white blouse and matching tight pencil skirt. She looked like she came straight out of a fashion magazine.

Bridget removed her sunglasses and put on her best flirtatious smile upon seeing Mitch. “Hello there. I believe I’m lost and need some help. I’m looking for a town called Haven.”

Mitch grinned at the attractive young woman. “Let me introduce you to my friend Damien. He lives there. I’m sure he knows a shortcut. I’ve only been in Maine for eight months.”

Damien watched as Mitch and the pretty stranger walked towards them. He locked eyes with her and she grinned at him coyly. Well, well, well, there are sexy men in this state after all, she thought to herself, admiring Damien’s lanky frame and spiked brown hair.

Bridget sauntered up to Damien like a model walking on a runway. “Hello,” she purred. “This man tells me you can lead me to Haven.”

Damien’s curiosity peaked. Why would she want to go to Haven? Hardly anyone went there on purpose unless it was for camping, and she definitely did not look like a camper judging by the expensive outfit she had on. His mind was baffled.

Bridget saw the puzzled expression on his handsome face and smiled. “I bet you’re wondering why I’m interested in Haven.”

“The thought did cross my mind,” Damien dryly admitted.

“Well, I’m a good friend of Duncan Tyler,” she answered. It was almost the truth, she said to herself. “I was visiting him at the hospital in Lewiston and I wanted to see how Pearl was doing. His parents told me she was here for a while.”

“Yes, she’s staying in Haven,” Damien tightly responded. He was a little suspicious and decided to be as cryptic as he could.

Bridget noticed his tone. I wonder if Pearl said anything about me, she silently wondered. I’ve got to be as careful as possible.

She flashed a wide grin. Damien thought it seemed extremely fake but he didn’t say anything. “Look, if you want to get to Haven, the easiest way is to follow Route 26 straight down until you see the welcome sign to Haven. Pearl is staying with the Lawrences. They live on a farm and you can’t miss it as it’s the only one in town. Their house is white with black shutters.”

“Thank you,” Bridget smiled slyly and moved closer to Damien. “You never did tell me your name.”

He stood still and attempted to stay nonchalant. Something about this girl wasn’t right and he had no interest in her at all. He wanted to tell her he was in love with Pearl and was planning to propose to her but he decided not to. If she really knew Pearl, she didn’t want her running her mouth and ruining his chances.

“It’s Damien Collins,” he said to her flatly.

“Becky Whitworth,” she told him, lying again. Becky was the name of one of her good friends. She didn’t want to risk giving out her real name, especially if Pearl had squealed to anyone in Haven about her. “So Damien, do you have a girlfriend? I can’t imagine a gorgeous guy like you going without.” I should have a little fun while making Pearl’s life a living hell. Since Duncan is out of commission, this Damien will do nicely.

Damien folded his arms against his chest. “I am in a relationship.” He wasn’t going to tell her that it was Pearl, and right now the relationship was friendship with a few stolen kisses. “You’ll have to look elsewhere Becky.” If that’s even your real name, he bitterly thought.

Bridget secretly fumed. Most men never turned her down. But it didn’t matter anyway. She now knew where Pearl was, and it was time for payback.


The Lawrence Farm, minutes later

Pearl Tyler was exhausted. She had spent the day battling with both her ex-in-laws and her ex-husband’s former mistress. While she certainly expected a confrontation with Amelia and Sheldon, she wasn’t prepared for her encounter with Bridget Walsh. She hoped it would be the last she would see of all three of them. The drama and fighting wasn’t good for her or her unborn child.

Lying on her bed inside the roomy basement bedroom, she smiled and looked down at her swollen belly. “What a day, huh little girl?” she asked the baby, chuckling. “Now you know why we had to leave Lancaster. There’s no way I was going to make you stay around all those horrible people. But now look what’s happened. We’re stuck in a town with real monsters. How am I going to explain all of this to you?”

The door opened and Pearl turned towards it. Iva Lawrence was in the doorway, holding a cordless phone. “Damien wants to talk to you.”

Pearl sat up and slowly swung her legs around to the side of the bed. She took the phone from Iva. “Hello Damien.” After Pearl’s greeting, Iva closed the door and left.

“Hi Red. How are you?” he affectionately asked.

“Well, I’ve been better,” she replied with a hint of regret creeping into her voice. “But I went and visited Duncan in the hospital. I got into it with his parents and his ex-girlfriend but hopefully I won’t have to see them again.” She lay back on the bed and propped herself up against the pillows. “How are you?”

“I’m fine. Sounds like you had a rough day sweetheart.”

“Well, it’s over now and I’m resting. When are you going to come and see me?”

“Very soon, I promise.” There was silence. Damien was thinking of the ring he bought for her and how he was going to frame his proposal. He knew it would throw her for a loop.

“Damien, are you okay?” Pearl grew worried. “Is there something you’re not telling me?”

There was more silence before he started. “I’m okay, but you’re going to get a visitor soon.”

Pearl was puzzled. “A visitor?”

“I’m in Bigelow right now. I was bringing a car to my friend’s dealership this afternoon when this woman arrived. She was asking how to get to Haven and said she was a friend of yours who wanted to visit with you and see how you were doing,” Damien explained.

“It may be Julie Hastings,” Pearl brightly answered. “I’ve been in touch with her since I arrived.”

“No, it wasn’t her. This gal called herself Becky Whitworth,” Damien said.

Pearl frowned. “Becky Whitworth? I don’t know anyone by that name…” Then she sat up, startled. She now remembered who she was. “Wait Damien—yes I know who that is. She’s one of Bridget’s friends. She’s a troublemaker too. It can’t be her. What did she look like?”

“To be honest Pearl, she was quite a looker. She was short, but petite with long blonde hair and a great figure,” Damien replied. “But she came off as really, really fake.”

A wall of dread closed around Pearl and she began to tremble. “Damien, that’s not Becky Whitworth. She’s tall and curvy with long black hair.”

“I knew that girl was lying,” Damien said victoriously. “Do you know who this person is?”

“Yes I do. It’s Bridget Walsh….my ex-husband’s former lover.”



Sadie Todd and Micah Johnson were relaxing in the den, still digesting their lunch from earlier this afternoon. The TV was on, tuned in to the news but neither of them were interested in the broadcast.

“Tomorrow is Friday and we need to get out and do something,” Sadie whined. “Halloween is coming up soon. That’s supposed to be our night, know what I mean?”

“You’re not thinking of going to the local cemetery and raising a few a dead bodies from their graves are you?” Micah jokingly responded.

Sadie grabbed a pillow that was lying on the couch next to her and she playfully tossed it at him. He dodged and grinned. “I guess that’s a no?”

“I’m going to leave the black magic to somebody else this Halloween,” Sadie said, thinking about Megan Manning. I’ve already done my witchly duties for this year, she thought to herself grimly.

Micah glanced back at the TV. He saw a reporter standing in front of a street and heard the words “haunted walking tour.” It spiked his curiosity. “Hey Sadie, listen to the news. I think we may have found something to do.”

She turned her head towards the set and began to listen to a story about a haunted walking tour happening in downtown Lewiston. When it was over she looked at Micah with excitement. “Hey, let’s do that! Sounds like fun. I’ve never been on one of those, surprisingly.”

“I guess it’s another date for us,” Micah said, smiling.

Sadie’s heart skipped a beat. I can’t believe this is happening. I think Micah’s car breaking down in front of our house was definitely fate. But I need to take things slowly or Aunt Iva and Uncle Gene might be apprehensive…


 Back in the basement

“Bridget Walsh? Is she the one that your ex-husband left you for?” Damien asked, an incredulous tone creeping into his voice.

“That’s her. I’m sure she’s coming to Haven to try and get back at me for our little argument at the hospital today. She was never one to back down from a fight,” Pearl said, sighing.

“Jesus Pearl, I told her where you were staying!” Damien cried. “What if she tries to hurt you and your baby? If something happens to you, it’ll be all my fault…” His voice trailed off.

“Don’t worry Damien. If she pulls her tricks here I can always sic Sadie and Iva on her. Maybe they can cast a spell on her and turn her into a toad.” Pearl began to chuckle.

Damien laughed then became serious again. “I still want you to be careful Pearl.”

“I will. Oooh, the nerve of that little tart! She’s a total nutter,” Pearl exclaimed.

“Well, you know I’ll be here to protect you. I love you,” Damien softly replied. Maybe I should come over now and give her the ring, he thought to himself.

“I know you do Damien. Come over soon, okay?” Pearl cheerfully told him.

“I will. Look, I have to go. It’s getting late and I’m still in Bigelow. I’ll talk to you later,” Damien said.

“Okay. Have a safe trip home. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye Pearl.” There was a click and Pearl sat the phone down on the bed. She leaned back and sighed again. “Bridget, you are a bloody damn fool for coming here and trying to continue this feud. You’re only going to end up looking dafter than you already are,” she grimly said to herself.


Route 26

Bridget Walsh was back on the road and on the way to Haven. Grinning evilly, she admired her reflection in the car mirror. “Watch out Pearl. You’re little ‘haven’ isn’t going to be one after I get through with you.”

She turned up the radio and stepped on the gas, speeding along the nearly deserted highway, eagerly anticipating another confrontation with her nemesis.


St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center, Lewiston

Duncan Tyler was alone in his hospital room. His parents had retired to their hotel room to rest after being with him all day. The heart monitor and the breathing machines were the only sounds heard.

Inside Duncan’s mind, he could see blurred, fast-moving images. Images of the night he was attacked. He recognized something shiny and long—the pipe that he was hit with, over and over again. He could feel the painful blows being inflicted on his head and his chest.

Suddenly he started to twitch. He could feel himself struggling to open his eyes. It felt like someone had sewn them shut with a needle and thread.

Just as he was beginning to move, a nurse opened the door to his room. She saw Duncan’s rapid movements and her mouth dropped open in shock. She ran to the nurses’ station, which was only a few feet away.

“Someone page Doctor Warren quick—I think Mr. Tyler is coming out of his coma!” she shouted.

Coming up next:

  • Bridget meets Quinn and is disturbed to learn that he also is in love with Pearl; Quinn blasts Bridget for hurting Pearl.
  • Duncan is unable to tell who tried to kill him and lapses back into his coma.
  • Jospehine tells Jude she believes Christoph is returning.

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