Episode 3-5: The Ties that Bind


  • Pearl went to the hospital to visit Duncan and gave her former in-laws an earful about accusing her of attempted murder.
  •  Quinn and Damien accused each other of attacking Duncan and warned each other to stay away from Pearl; Damien showed him the engagement ring.
  •  Megan visited Jude, who told her he supported his brother in his quest to win Pearl’s heart, and advised her to return to her grave and leave his brother alone.
  • Bridget Walsh arrived in Maine after Duncan’s parents toldl her where he’s at.

The Nightshade Home, early afternoon

Jude Nightshade walked into the living room, closing the front door behind him. He draped his jacket over the easy chair and sauntered into the kitchen. It was lunchtime and he was hungry after visiting his mother in Harmony.

He opened the cabinet doors and upon seeing the loaf of bread, reached for it and brought it down on the countertop. He opened the bag and took two slices of wheat out, placing them on the counter. He closed the bag up tightly and put it back in the cupboard.

His brother Quinn strolled in from the other side and smiled at him. “Hey little brother,” he casually greeted him.

Jude turned to face him. “Hey Quinn. Everything quiet so far?”

Quinn snorted. “Hardly. Damien was here.”

“Uh-oh…I hope things were civil between you two,” Jude replied as he reached into the fridge for some sliced ham.

“It was probably about as civil as it’s going to be.” Quinn sat down at the table and stared out the window above the kitchen sink. “He bought Pearl an engagement ring.”

Jude shut the fridge door and looked at Quinn in utter shock. “What?”

Quinn shifted his head towards Jude. “He showed it to me and vowed he was going to get Pearl to marry him.”

Jude sat down across from his brother and whistled. “Things are getting really out of control when it comes to Pearl. What did you say?”

“I said pretty much, fat chance.” Quinn leaned forward, a devious grin on his face. “There’s no way in hell Pearl would want to be the wife of a werewolf. If you were her, wouldn’t you feel the same way?”

Jude thought for a minute. “Well, it wouldn’t exactly be a relationship I would look for. I like Damien and I think he’s a nice guy, but I don’t think I could deal with someone who would change into another lifeform every month. At least you and I will stay the same.”

Quinn nodded heartily in agreement. “Exactly—I’m the one for her because I don’t sprout fur and claws every time the full moon comes out.”

“Just fangs every now and then,” Jude said playfully, starting to chuckle. Before Quinn could reply, his face turned serious. “Megan paid me a visit this morning while I was waiting for visiting hours at the hospital to begin.”

Quinn’s expression turned dark and angry. “I guess that bitch thought she could steer you over to her side.”Jude nodded. “She insisted I help her by trying to convince you to stay away from Pearl. I told her I wouldn’t.”

Quinn’s furious look softened and he smiled at his brother. “You told her that? You told her you wanted me to be with Pearl?”

“I told her that if being with Pearl makes you happy, I wasn’t going to stand in your way and interfere. I told her that…I told her she should return to her grave and leave you alone.” Jude gazed down at his lap for a bit and then back up at Quinn.

Quinn was extremely moved by his brother’s support. He got up to stand behind him, and placed his hands affectionately on Jude’s shoulders. “I can’t believe you did that for me. I’m so grateful that you took up for me.”

“I know Iva and Sadie are trying to protect Pearl but bringing Megan back is not going to help matters. If Pearl wants you around there’s nothing anyone can do to stop her from seeing you. It’s her choice, not Iva’s, not Sadie’s, and not Megan’s.” Jude stood up as well. “Now, if I don’t get something to eat I’ll drop.” He headed back towards the fridge. “Do you want a ham sandwich?” he asked Quinn.

Quinn grinned at his brother. “Sure, why not? I’m in a good mood now and if you’re offering to make me one, that’s even better.”


 The Lewiston Diner, same time

Micah Johnson and Sadie Todd were sitting in a booth facing each other, awaiting their meals. Micah took a sip of his Coke and sat back, rubbing his belly. “I can’t wait to taste this burger.”

Sadie laughed. “You won’t be disappointed, believe me. It’s a good thing we came at the right time, this place is packed.”

Micah looked around at the crowd. There were office workers and construction workers on their lunch hour, moms with their kids, senior citizens. Small town America at its finest, something he sorely missed during his time in the big city.

“Do you like living here Sadie?” he asked her.

“Why do you say that?” she asked back.

Micah smiled. “I don’t know—it seems like those that come from the city always secretly want to live in a place like this, and those in small towns want to escape for the big city.”

Sadie picked up her glass of iced tea and took a small drink before replying. “Well, to be honest, I do want to leave Haven. It’s such a nothing town.”

“Why do your aunt and uncle choose to live there?” Micah wondered.

Sadie looked down at the formica tabletop before answering. “My aunt and uncle were already living in Haven before I came to stay with them.”

Micah was puzzled. “You came to stay with them? Where were you living?”

“I was living with my parents in Portland. My mom was Iva’s younger sister. Her name was Angela. She married a local black man named Henry Todd and two years later, I was born. I was named after both my grandmothers.”

Micah looked at Sadie sadly. “Your parents are dead, aren’t they.”

She slowly nodded. “Like Aunt Iva, my mum was psychic too and practiced white witchcraft. When she married Dad and had me she stopped that for a while and we were pretty much a normal, happy family. But when I turned thirteen, Mum decided I should be introduced into her religion. I already knew I had psychic powers—not as strong as Mum or Aunt Iva, but it was there.”

Micah was fascinated with her story. “And your Dad wasn’t upset?

“No. As long as we were not being the stereotypical evil witches, he was fine.” Sadie took another drink of her tea.

“Your parents…they died in a fire.” Micah gazed at Sadie. He was surprised when she started to chuckle.

“You’re really good,” she replied. “Yes, they did.”

“If you don’t want to talk about it—“ Micah began.

“No, it’s okay,” she interrupted. “Mom decided one night to have a séance. It was totally out of the blue. She had some of her Wiccan friends over. My Dad agreed to it because he was more interested in the occult than he led on. I was staying with a friend as school was out. So anyway, according to what some of her surviving friends said, Mom was trying to see if there were any spirits occupying the house. She was convinced someone had died in our home.”

“And she managed to contact one,” Micah surmised.

Sadie nodded again. “Apparently she summoned up the ghost of a little girl that had died of pneumonia back in the 1930’s. A few minutes into all of this, the windows suddenly flew open and someone got spooked, knocking over candles that were sitting on the table. The fire spread quickly. Only two managed to escape and when they were outside, they claimed the windows and doors closed themselves, sealing everyone else inside the house—including my parents. They died of smoke inhalation.”

Micah reached over and gently laid his hand on top of Sadie’s. “I’m sorry,” he lamented.

“It’s okay. It took me a while to get over it, but I’m at peace now with what happened. After my parent’s death, Aunt Iva and Uncle Gene said they wanted to take care of me and the whole family agreed. My grandparents thought that going to Haven to live would be the best thing for me. In some ways it was. My aunt and uncle treated me like the daughter they never had, as they were unable to have children of their own. Being on the farm and taking care of the animals took my mind off my parents. But now that I’m in my early 20’s, it’s time for me to find my own way in the world. Aunt Iva and Uncle Gene agree. It’s just that we don’t have the money we need right now for me to leave. That’s why they’ve been busy selling things at the farmer’s markets.”

“I think it’s great you have loving and supporting relatives. Don’t take advantage of that Sadie. Treasure every moment you have with them,” Micah told her, thinking of the fractured relationship with his parents.

At that moment, the waitress came with their food. Micah and Sadie looked at each other and grinned. “Chow time,” Sadie said, her stomach growling.

“It’s too bad Pearl couldn’t make it. I hope everything is going okay at the hospital,” Micah said as he reached for the salt.


St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center, the lobby

Pearl Tyler was on her way out of the hospital to join Sadie and Micah. Just as she reached the information desk, she stopped dead in her tracks. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Bridget Walsh was at the desk talking to the clerk. Pearl stared at her and she could feel the anger spreading all over body. What in the bloody hell is she doing here? Pearl furiously wondered.

Bridget looked up and in Pearl’s direction and when she saw her nemesis she was at first surprised, but then a devious smirk formed on her pretty face. She had plenty to say to Pearl and she figured it was a good a time as any.

Bridget slinked up to her. Pearl thought she looked like a snake with blonde hair slithering close to its prey and she narrowed her eyes. “You sure have some nerve coming here,” Pearl spat.

“So do you,” Bridget spat back. She eyed her up and down then rolled her eyes. “I must say, even pregnancy hasn’t improved your appearance. Pregnant women are usually supposed to look radiant.”

“I wouldn’t talk if I were you. Even with all your family’s money, you’re still a piece of trash. You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig.” Pearl glared at her with all the coldness of Antarctica. “And at least I have a reason to be here. I’m carrying Duncan’s child. You have nothing.”

Bridget laughed maliciously. “Oh, I have something all right—something you will never have. The love and support of Duncan’s parents. They asked me to come here.”

Pearl couldn’t believe what she just heard. “You’re lying. You’re nothing but a lying little tramp.”

“Why would I lie about that? They hate you and they like me. They approved of me being with Duncan,” Bridget boasted.

“Well obviously they have no taste so of course they would like you,” Pearl shot back. “This is insane. I’m going back up there. They’re not going to get away with this.” As she started out of the lobby towards the elevators, Bridget grabbed her arm and pulled her around to face her.

“How tactless are you Pearl? Sheldon and Amelia are grieving now and all you want to do is argue. Can’t you leave things alone for once?” she hissed.

Pearl pulled free from Bridget’s grip. “Let go of me. This is none of your business, so butt out. Duncan dumped you. I’m sure you would be the last person he would want to see. Why don’t you go back to where you came from and find another man—one that’s single for a change. Stop being a home wrecker and get a life.”

“I had a life…until you ruined it!” Bridget angrily replied.

Pearl laughed sarcastically at her rival. “I didn’t ruin your life. You did that on your own by choosing to sleep with a married man. I was the one that left town to get away from you and Duncan. So you can’t blame me for the lousy choices you’ve decided to make. It’s time you grew up Bridget.”

She smoothed her dress and glared again at Bridget. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some business to take care of. And I hope in God’s name I never have to see your pathetic face ever again.” Pearl stormed away, leaving Bridget alone to seethe.

“I swear Pearl Tyler, you will pay for what you’ve done to me. You can bet your life on it.”


 Duncan Tyler’s room

“I still don’t think it was a good idea asking Bridget to come,” Sheldon Tyler admonished his wife Amelia. “You’re asking for nothing but trouble. You know I’m not crazy about Pearl being here, but she has a right to be. Bridget doesn’t. It’s time you stopped these ridiculous mind games—it’s time both of us did.”

Amelia sat by Duncan, holding his hand and ignoring the chiding tone of her husband. Sheldon walked over to her and kneeled down in front of her. “Amelia, don’t you think it’s time this ended? Look at our son! It’s doing him no good acting like we’re characters in some bad soap opera.”

“I’m doing what’s right for our son Sheldon and deep down, you know that.” she finally said in a firm tone.

All Sheldon could do was sigh. He kissed his wife on the forehead. “I love you but you sure can be damn stubborn at times.”

Amelia smiled. “That’s why you married me. You like me being the strong one.”

The door opened and Pearl stood there, watching her ex in-laws’ tender moment. For a few seconds she thought about leaving, but she decided to stay and confront the two. Amelia looked up to see her standing in the doorway and her frosty glare returned. “Why are you back again Pearl? You’re like a bad penny.”

Pearl entered the room and returned Amelia’s frigid glaze. “Believe me, I had every intention of leaving and not coming back—but then I ran into Bridget Walsh, who told me you and Sheldon asked her to come here. You have a lot of gall inviting that whore. But then again, it does take more than one witch to form a coven.”

Amelia shot out of her chair. “I’ve heard just about enough—“

“No you haven’t.” Pearl marched up to her and looked her deep in the eye. “Having the tramp that ruined my marriage come here is the last straw. Any ties I had with you and your husband are severed for good. You two had better not think about wanting to see your granddaughter. As far as I’m concerned, she has no grandparents anymore.”

Sheldon rushed to his wife’s side to try to reason with Pearl. “Please, no. Don’t shut us out of our grandchild’s life. If Duncan doesn’t come back, she’s the only link we have to him!”

“You should have thought of that before you and Miss Priss decided to play games with other peoples’ lives,” Pearl hotly retorted. “Do you really believe Duncan would want that piece of trash here? He ended their affair. He never wanted to see her again. But your hate for me has blinded you towards having any common sense at all! She shook her head sadly. “This insanity needs to end now, and I’m going to leave while I still have my common sense intact.” She glanced at Sheldon and Amelia with regret. “I’m sorry, but I don’t want my daughter around all of this. She doesn’t deserve it, and that means her staying away from the both of you—until you decide to start acting like grandparents and stop acting like monsters. Goodbye.” Pearl turned away and headed back for the door.

“Pearl, please…please don’t leave like this. I know we can all resolve this situation. I don’t want to be left out of my granddaughter’s life,” Sheldon earnestly pleaded.

Pearl stopped but didn’t turn around. “Then you shouldn’t have gone along with your wife’s ridiculous actions. You did this to yourself and you have no one else to blame.” With a heavy heart, she opened the door and quickly shut it behind her.

Coming up next:

  • Bridget comes to Haven and tries to work her charms on Damien, who rejects her advances.
  • Pearl tells Damien Bridget was Duncan’s former mistress.
  • Sadie and Micah continue to date under the watchful eye of Gene and Iva.
  • Duncan almost wakes up from his coma.

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