Episode 3-1: After the Rain

Friday, October 29th, Harmony, Maine

Pearl Tyler and Sadie Todd were on their way back from St. Mary’s Medical Center in Lewiston. Pearl had a sonogram done of her unborn child and got the good news that her baby was doing just fine.

The weather had finally cleared and the sun was shining in the October sky. The only remnants left of the nor’easter that quickly blew through the state were some swirling white clouds, puddles of rain on the ground and a strong breeze tearing through the air.

Sadie was singing along to a Rhianna song playing on the radio. “Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the worrrrrld…”

“Ugh, I can’t stand that girl,” Pearl said, wrinkling her nose like she smelled something bad. I don’t think she can sing at all. Then again, I can’t either.”

“Oh, she’s not too bad,” Sadie cheerfully replied. “Her songs are catchy. I caught Aunt Iva one day dancing around the kitchen to Umbrella.”

Pearl laughed. “I can’t see your aunt doing that at all.”

Sadie laughed back. “I know. She’s more of a Susan Boyle fan.”

Pearl laughed again and looked out the window. A road sign advertising the exit to turn off to the road that led to downtown Harmony came into view and she got a sudden feeling.

“Sadie, do you think you could get off on the next exit?” she asked her friend.

“How come?” Sadie wanted to know.

“Duncan is staying at a hotel here and it has to be off that road,” she explained.

“Why do you want to see him? I thought you were done with him,” Sadie answered, puzzled.

“I am, but I’ve got this nagging feeling at the back of my neck that something isn’t right. Call it women’s intuition. I just want to make sure things are okay before he’s supposed to leave for Lancaster,” Pearl explained.

“You got it,” Sadie said and headed for the exit.


 The Nightshade home

Jude was sitting in the kitchen drinking a cup of black coffee, his stomach filled with knots. He had been trying to reach his brother all of last night and all of today but he didn’t answer. At first he thought he had actually gotten to third base with Pearl, but realized something was wrong when he didn’t come back home bragging about his time with her.

He thought about calling the police, but he was weary of them due to Megan Manning’s death a year earlier. He and Quinn had never contacted them then. So he just hoped he would come back soon.

His wish was fulfilled when he heard the living room door slam shut. He jumped out of his chair and ran into the living room. He saw his brother take off his jacket and throw it on the couch.

“Quinn, thank God you’re home! Do you know how worried I’ve been? I was ready to call the police!”

Quinn rubbed his face and sank down onto the couch. “I know I should have called but my mind was so damn messed up I wasn’t thinking properly.”

Jude sat down beside him. “What the hell happened to you last night? Did everything go okay between you and Pearl?”

Quinn leaned back on the couch and grinned. “It was lovely. I didn’t get to go all the way with her, but I got very close. Then I left to come back home—and that’s when everything went straight to hell.” He sat back up and his eyes narrowed in anger. “That bitch Megan had to show her face.”

“Jesus, I still can’t believe she’s come back as a ghost,” Jude said, shaking his head. “I wonder if Sadie and Iva brought her back with one of their magic spells.”

“You would be correct,” Quinn replied bitterly. “They resurrected her so she could torment me and she’s doing a damn good job. You’re not going to believe what she said.”

“Try me,” Jude replied.

Quinn sighed and leaned forward. “She told me that she begged Walter Eldridge to kill her. She said it was a mercy killing.”

Jude’s mouth dropped open in shock. “What?”

“She said that she hated me and she wanted to die so she wouldn’t have to be with me anymore. She said I turned her into a monster.” Quinn rubbed his face again.

“She never said anything to us about that,” Jude replied, still surprised.

“I thought things were fine. I thought she still loved me. I was wrong.” Quinn stood up and headed towards the windows. “I had no idea she hated me this much. The worst part is, she threatened to tell Pearl everything. She’s determined to keep us apart.”

Quinn turned around sharply with a steely look on his handsome face. “It’s going to be a cold day in hell before I let that creature take Pearl away from me. She wants to be with me, I know it. It’s only going to be a matter of time. I just have to wait until she gives birth to her daughter.”

Quinn looked at his watch. “It’s almost four. Pearl should be back home from her doctor’s appointment. She said I could come and see her but I need a shower first. I look like death warmed over.” He began to head towards the hallway.

Jude followed him. “Quinn, where did you go after your confrontation with Megan?”

His brother turned back around. “I went to the falls, where we would always go when things got too rough. That old house on the edge of the river is still there. I stayed there to clear my mind.”

Jude chuckled sarcastically. “I can’t believe that’s the first place I didn’t think of. But I was so worried about you my mind was messed up too.”

Quinn smiled weakly. “I should have called, but I just needed to get out of here. I couldn’t stay there long though. Pearl was constantly on my mind and I knew the sooner I got back to her, the better I would feel. I love her so much, it hurts.”

He gazed at his brother for a reaction, but Jude could only nod. He smiled again. “I’d better get hopping if I want to see Pearl. Are you going up to see Mother tonight?”

Jude nodded again. “I think she’s on the verge of remembering us—and Father. Part of me wants her to, but another part of me wishes she wouldn’t. She blocked out everything to keep herself safe—if the memories come flooding back, I’m afraid her mind would shatter even more.”


The Little Harmony Inn

Yellow police tape hung ominously over the door to Duncan Tyler’s hotel room. A few policemen were still at the crime scene. Pearl and Sadie could only look at the nearly deserted hotel in dismay.

“I can’t believe it Sadie…I mean, it just doesn’t make any sense. Why would someone attack him so brutally like this?” Pearl asked, shaking her head sadly.

“I don’t know Pearl. But thankfully he survived,” Sadie answered, trying to sound hopeful.

“He’s in a coma though. It could be a long time before he wakes up and tells anyone who tried to kill him—if he remembers.” Pearl covered her face, trying to fight back tears. “Oh God, if only I hadn’t been so mean to him when he called the night before. I’m going to regret that for the rest of my life!”

Sadie put her arms around her, trying to comfort her. “Come on Pearl, let’s go home. You can’t do anything for him right now, except pray.”

Pearl looked at her and a tear ran down her cheek. “I guess you’re right. But I need to see him.”

Sadie nodded slowly. “I’ll take you up to St. Mary’s tomorrow. Come on, let’s get home and get something to eat.”

The two began to walk back to Pearl’s car, which Sadie was using, still in disbelief.


The Collins home

“Okay Damien Jared Collins, you’ve been silent long enough,” Rhiannon scolded her son. “You leave this house in the middle of the night without telling anyone—in the middle of a rain storm I might add—and you’re gone practically the whole day and when you get back and we ask you where you’ve been, you play dumb. Now stop this silliness and tell us where you were!” She, along with Astrid and Caleb, were staring intently at him while they were sitting around the kitchen table.

Damien grinned like a little boy on Christmas Day. “Well, I was on my way to see Pearl last night but when I pulled up to the Lawrence’s, the basement lights were out so I figured she was asleep. That’s when I got this sudden idea to drive into Bigelow.”

“What on earth for son?” Caleb asked incredulously. “Did you forget there was a nor’easter tearing through the town?”

“Oh come on Dad, a little water and rain isn’t going to hurt me. It’s not like it was raining silver bullets,” Damien replied jokingly.

Astrid giggled, but Rhiannon and Caleb were not amused. “That’s not funny,” Rhiannon chided.

“Sorry,” he apologized contritely. “Anyway, let me just show you the result of my late night jaunt.” He reached into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out a small blue velveteen box.

Astrid’s eyes widened in surprise. “Damien, that’s not what I think it is!”

Damien grinned again and opened the box. Sure enough, a round-cut diamond ring was nestled inside the box, all sparkling and glittery.

Rhiannon was stone-faced. “I can’t believe this. You’ve gone completely bonkers.”

Damien was taken aback. “But Mum—“

“Don’t Mum me,” she interrupted. “You’ve only known Pearl less than two weeks and you buy her an engagement ring? I can tell you what you’re thinking with and it sure isn’t your brain!”

“Mum, it’s the only way I can keep her with me and away from Quinn!” Damien insisted.

“You really believe that ring is going to solve all your romance problems?” Rhiannon asked matter-of-factly. “Do you really believe Pearl is going to agree to marriage, when she’s only been divorced five months and pregnant?”

“Mum, please let me explain—“

“No Damien, she’s right,” Caleb spoke up. “Let’s face some cold hard facts. Pearl isn’t planning on becoming a permanent resident of Haven. She doesn’t want to stay here. And she certainly isn’t going to settle down and play house with a man she barely knows, especially a man that’s a werewolf.”

Damien was frustrated. He turned to his sister. “Astrid, surely you’re on my side.”

Astrid gave her brother an apologetic, but firm look. “You know it would be wonderful if you and Pearl found happiness, but not like this. Not right now. I’m sorry, but I agree with Mum and Dad. It’s way too soon and she’s not ready to join a family of werewolves. Not when there’s a little baby girl to think about.”

“I am thinking of her baby girl Astrid. That’s why I’m doing this. I want to protect her and Pearl and keep them safe from Quinn,” Damien argued.

“Are you really doing this to protect her Damien, or is this trying to one-up Quinn?” Caleb asked pointedly.

Damien held his ground. “No. I love Pearl and I want to take care of her and her baby—any way I can.”


 The Lawrence Farm, a little later

Pearl was alone in the big house once again. Gene and Iva had Micah’s car towed to Bigelow to be worked on and the three were staying there, according to the note left on the door. Sadie had taken Pearl’s car to join them.

She sat in the easy chair in the living room, trying to watch TV but couldn’t stop thinking of Duncan. It was still so difficult to believe someone had tried to murder him and while back at the hotel she wondered who could have done it, now she had some suspects—and she didn’t want to even consider that any of them would hurt her ex-husband.

Suddenly her cell phone, which lay on a round table next to the easy chair, rang, startling her. She looked at the little screen and noticed it was Quinn calling her. “Hello Quinn,” she said, answering it.

“Hi sweetheart. I’m getting ready to come and see you. Are you alone?” he asked.

“Yes, but something terrible has happened,” Pearl somberly replied.

“Oh God—it’s not the baby, is it?” he wondered, dread creeping into his voice.

“No, she’s healthy and wonderful. It’s something else. I don’t want to tell you over the phone,” she responded.

“I’ll be right there,” Quinn said urgently.

“Okay, goodbye.” Pearl hung up the phone and put it back on the table. She reached for the remote that was also on the table and turned the TV off, getting ready for his arrival.


Harmony Hills Mental Hospital, same time

“I’m glad you’re here Jude,” the doctor said as he led him to his mother’s room. “I wanted to call you but I figured you would be coming.”

“What’s going on with Mother Doctor? Did another memory surface?” he asked, getting excited.

“I believe so, and from what I’ve seen it wasn’t a pleasant one,” the doctor replied gravely. “You’d better see for yourself.”

He opened the door and called calmly to Josephine Grant, who was in her bed. “Hello Josephine. You have a visitor.”

He stepped aside and Jude entered, trying to look as nonchalant as he could. “Hello,” he said to his mother quietly.

Josephine looked up at Jude and her eyes widened with a mixture of fear and anticipation. “Jude!” she hollered.

Jude stood there, not believing she had called his name. After a few seconds of silence he spoke, trying to remain calm. “You know who I am now?”

She slowly nodded. “I know you’re my son. I know I have another one. And I know who your father is. Christoph—Christoph Nightshade. He’s a monster. A murderous, evil monster!”

Coming up on the next episode:

  •  Quinn visits Pearl and tells him the truth about Megan’s death; Pearl comforts him but stops things from going too far.
  •  Megan visits Damien who shows her the engagement ring and she also reveals the real truth about her death. He is more determined than ever to keep Pearl away from Quinn.
  •  Jude’s mother continues to talk about Christoph.

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