Season Three Sneak Peek

A look at what’s ahead for the next season of Dark Haven

  • Duncan’s ex-mistress, Bridget Walsh, arrives with an agenda to make Pearl suffer, as she blames her for Duncan ending their affair.
  • Micah decides to stay in Haven as he’s found others who share his psychic ability. He and Sadie slowly begin a romance under the watchful eyes of Gene and Iva.
  • Quinn and Damien continue their rivalry for Pearl’s affections—with Damien taking one step further to ensure he will win the pregnant divorcee’s heart in the end. But he finds that the course of true love doesn’t always run smooth.
  • Jude is shocked when he discovers his mother’s memory is beginning to return…but she predicts their father Christoph, is coming back to Haven. Her prediction turns correct when the wayward prodigal vampire indeed comes back, intent on reuniting with his estranged sons.
  • An extremely lonely Quinn makes a desperate choice that leads to a shocking crime in the season finale…

Micah Johnson will be represented by Noel Clarke, formerly of Doctor Who.

Bridget Walsh will be represented by Billie Piper, star of Showtime’s Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Christoph Nightshade will be represented by Ben Daniels, formerly of Law & Order UK.


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