Episode 2-8: Tooth and Nail

Episode 2-8: Tooth and Nail


  • Damien went to the farm to see Pearl who told him her ex-husband is in Maine.
  • Quinn lamented to Jude about how lonely he is and how much he wants Pearl.
  • Sadie interrupted Damien’s plans to reveal his true feelings to Pearl.
  • Quinn showed up at the farm looking for Pearl.

The Lawrence farm, morning

Pearl Tyler, along with Damien Collins and Sadie Todd, watched uneasily as Quinn Nightshade’s black Corvette pulled into the driveway of the farm. Damien narrowed his eyes and began to head for the car, but Pearl pulled him back. “No Damien, stay right where you are. I’ll talk to him.”

“I don’t want you near him anymore Pearl,” he argued.

She crossed her arms and frowned at Damien. “And I said I could handle it. Just for once, please stop trying to play Prince Valiant.” She turned around and walked towards the car.

Sadie pursed her lips and glanced at Damien. “Looks like the fast track to romance got caught in the slow lane,” she somberly joked.

“I wish she would realize I just want to protect her from that monster,” he said, frustrated.

Meanwhile, Pearl had made her way to Quinn’s car. He was getting out of it. He took off his sunglasses and smiled at her. “Good morning my dear,” he happily greeted her. Then he saw Damien and Sadie in the distance and his smile vanished.

“Quinn, this isn’t a good time,” Pearl said quietly.

He let out a humph sound. “I can see that. Perhaps you and I should go somewhere less distracting—“

She shook her head. “No. I’m staying right here. I’m not leaving Sadie and Damien to run off with you. That would be rude.”

“Well, then I guess I’ll just have to deal.” He clipped his sunglasses to his belt and started for the house. Pearl grabbed him by the arm and he turned around. “No Quinn. I don’t want another fight. It’s best you come back later,” she insisted.

He glanced down at her hand on his arm and grinned. Knowing full well his every move was being watched by his arch-rival, he seized the opportunity to pull Pearl into his arms and before she could react, he planted a surprising passionate kiss on her lips.

That was all it took. Damien tore from his spot and charged for Quinn, leaving a startled Sadie behind.

Quinn had just finished his ambush on a flustered Pearl when Damien grabbed him by the back of his black sweater, whirled him around, and delivered a fast and furious punch to his left jaw. Quinn fell back into the gravel and Damien stood over him, huffing angrily.

“I warned you not to touch her,” he growled. “Now get lost.” He looked over at Pearl. “Come on, let’s get into the house.” He reached out for her, but she backed away in disgust. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing?” she cried.


The Little Harmony Inn, Harmony Maine

Duncan Tyler was repacking his suitcase when his cell phone rang. He looked at the screen and saw it was his ex-mistress Bridget Walsh. With a heavy sigh, he answered the call.

“What is it this time Bridget?” he asked in exasperation.

“I want you to leave Maine and come back home. Forget about Pearl. She’s not worth it. She doesn’t want you,” she pleaded.

“We’ve already been through this. My mind is made up. Our relationship is over. Why can’t you understand that?”

“Because Duncan, Pearl divorced you, or have you forgotten? She made it clear she wanted you out of her life. She moved hundreds of miles away to get away from you and your parents. She doesn’t love you. I do. Can’t you see that?” Bridget replied in frustration.

Duncan sat on the bed. “Bridget, Pearl has given me the one thing you can’t ever do—and that’s a child—“

“So you’re going to throw me away all because of that? There’s more to me than just my womb you know,” she angrily retorted.

“I’m sorry Bridget, but I’ve made my decision. I will reunite with Pearl and my child and we will be happy. Accept it,” he told her firmly.

“I won’t accept it. You’ll be sorry Duncan and you’ll come crawling back to me. Bet on it,” she spat back. “Pearl is a lost cause.”

“Bridget, I’m hanging up now. Don’t call me again, or I’ll report you for harassment and seek a restraining order. Do you understand me?” Duncan threatened.

“You bastard,” Bridget muttered. Then silence. She had hung up. Duncan stuck his cell phone in his pants pocket and continued with his packing. He would be in Haven by nightfall if there were no complications. But car trouble would be the least of his problems.


The Lawrence farm

“What the hell am I doing? I’m saving you from that sex maniac!” Damien shouted to Pearl. “He had no right to kiss you like that.” He glared at Quinn, who was getting up.

Quinn rubbed his jaw. A trickle of blood ran down his skin. He wiped the warm red liquid with his fingers and licked them clean. “It’s always a good time for that,” he said, still trying to catch his breath. Then he moved towards his enemy. “If you think your little show of honor is going to impress Pearl, you’re wrong. Now she’ll finally see what a Neanderthal you really are.” He started laughing. Damien just stood and seethed.

“Okay, that’s it. I’ve had enough of you two fighting over me like I was some prize at a fair,” Pearl chided her would-be suitors. “From now on, none of you will able to see me unless I allow it.” She stared coolly at both men.

Quinn tried to object. “But Pearl—“

“No but nothing Quinn. I told you twice if you tried anything sexual for you to hit the road. Now you have. I certainly didn’t appreciate or want that kiss. Keep your hands to yourself, you horny vamp.” Then she turned to Damien. “And as for you, I don’t need you trying to play the hero. I can take care of myself.”

“You underestimate Quinn,” Damien warned her. “You don’t know how dangerous he is when he wants something and now you know. You’re all alone here Pearl, and you’re pregnant. You need someone to look after you right now. You can’t handle him on your own.”

He placed a protective hand on her cheek but she brushed it away. “Leave me alone Damien.” She also looked at Quinn. “I want you to leave me alone too. Just go away, please. Let me get through the rest of my pregnancy so I can have my daughter in peace.”

Damien couldn’t take it anymore. She had to know how he felt. He reached out again and took her hands in his. She tried to look away but his gaze was so intense she felt compelled to face him.

“I can’t leave you alone Pearl. Back in the yard, before Quinn came, I was going to tell you something—something very important.” He smiled at her. “I love you.”

“No,” Pearl whispered in disbelief. “I can’t believe it. We’ve only known each other for a week Damien. You don’t love me.”

“No he doesn’t,” Quinn interrupted, becoming irritated. “He’s only saying that to keep you away from me. Don’t listen to him Pearl.”

Damien cupped Pearl’s face with his hands. “Block Quinn out. He’s the one that doesn’t love you. He’s obsessed with you because of your slight resemblance to Megan. If you didn’t have red hair, he would have murdered you. He only cares about himself and fulfilling his sick desires. All I want to do is love you and protect you—you and your baby girl.”

Pearl’s eyes flooded with tears, but they weren’t tears of happiness. “I can’t take this right now. You have to leave…both of you. Can’t you understand? The last thing I need in my life is to get involved with another man. You’ve got to give me some space.” She broke away from Damien. “I’m sorry, but you’re wasting your time on me. Find someone else.”

“Pearl, don’t do this. You can’t be alone. Don’t shut me out,” Damien begged.

“I’m sorry, but this is how it has to be. Please go away.” She turned to Quinn. “I want you to go too.”

Quinn’s eyes shot daggers at Damien. “This is all your fault. You’ll pay for this, I swear, even if I have to manually insert silver bullets into your body.” He turned on his heel and got back into his Corvette. He started the car and pulled out of the driveway, tires squealing as he did so.

“Quinn is gone. Now it’s your turn,” Pearl quietly ordered Damien.

He shook his head. “I won’t leave you.”

But she was adamant. “Please Damien. For the sake of my sanity and my baby’s health, just go.” Unable to stand next to him anymore, she left and headed back towards the house, where Sadie had been, watching the events unfold. Sadie put a reassuring arm around Pearl and the two walked up the front porch steps. Damien stood there watching the two women for a few seconds, and then with a heavy heart, he too left.


Later that afternoon, Haven Lake

Damien stood by the water, staring at his somber reflection, a feeling of hopelessness washing over him. His plan had backfired and now Pearl no longer wanted him around. He could have blamed Quinn, but he knew it was his fault for becoming violent, even though Quinn provoked him by kissing Pearl. He should have let her deal with his behavior on her terms, but he had to play the Good Samaritan. He ruined everything.

Suddenly he felt a rush of coolness behind him. He turned around to see the ghost of Megan Manning smiling at him. “Megan, he said softly.”

“I went to the farm to check on Pearl and I saw her crying,” her spirit explained.

“It’s all my fault,” Damien lamented. “Quinn was there and kissed her on purpose knowing it would set me off. I punched him and Pearl got angry. She told us both she didn’t want anything more to do with either of us. That’s when I admitted I loved her. She didn’t believe me.”

He picked up a stone and angrily threw it into the lake, causing ripples of water to bubble on the surface. “I’ve screwed things up between us. Now she’ll never want to be with me, even as a friend.”

Megan placed a comforting hand on Damien’s shoulder and to him it felt like a cool washcloth against his skin. “Don’t give up Damien. You need to fight for Pearl. You can’t let Quinn win.”

He turned back around to face her glowing visage. “Maybe she was right. This is all happening so fast. Maybe I do need to give her some time to sort things out. It’s been one hell of an ordeal for her. I just hope Quinn will respect her wishes.” He narrowed his eyes. “If he doesn’t, he’ll answer to me.”


The Nightshade residence

Quinn sat alone in the living room, watching the clouds thicken in the October afternoon sky. A storm was brewing—both outside and inside.

He was devastated that Pearl said she no longer wanted to see him and he blamed it on Damien Collins. He was sick of him acting like a saint and it was time for him to be taken down a notch.

The next full moon was tomorrow, a few days before Halloween. The perfect time to go on wolf hunt, he thought to himself. He began to grin at the anticipating pleasure of striking down his rival for good. Without him in the picture, Pearl would surely be his.

As his grin got wider, sharp fangs eerily protruded from his mouth. It was lunchtime…

Coming up next:

  • Megan’s ghost advises Pearl to stay away from Quinn, but Pearl admits she’s beginning to like him.
  • Duncan finally arrives in Haven—and comes face to face with Pearl.
  • During a visit to the mental hospital, Jude is shocked when his mother begins to mention his father Christoph.

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