Season Two Sneak Peek

Promo for Season Two

Season Two of Dark Haven begins on January 1, 2011, and here’s what you can expect:

  • Pearl has had enough of being a damsel in distress and to keep her sanity, as well as ensure a healthy third trimester, uneasily allows Quinn to befriend her with an ultimatum that he keeps things platonic. He readily accepts Pearl’s offer, even though his intentions are exactly the opposite. As the season continues, his feelings genuinely change from lust to love, while Pearl fights between trusting and turning away from her unusual admirer.
  • Damien, who has rapidly fallen in love with Pearl, does not approve of her shaky truce with Quinn. His desire for her causes a change in his werewolf personality; he becomes more vicious during full moons, which lands a few people who cross his path in serious danger. Loved ones Caleb, Rhiannon and Astrid become concerned for him.
  • The ghost of Megan Manning, resurrected by Iva and Sadie, seeks to protect Pearl and her unborn child from Quinn’s clutches. She also starts a campaign to torment Quinn for turning her into a half vampire/half human like him. We learn the circumstances of her death are not what they seem.
  • Jude continues to visit his mentally ill mother, Josephine Grant. She begins to throw out bits of information regarding he and Quinn’s father, vampire Christoph Nightshade—and none of it is any good.
  • Duncan Tyler, Pearl’s ex-husband, learns back home that Pearl never made it to Bangor and is stuck in Haven until she can safely give birth to their child. Regretting his affair, he decides to come to town to win her back. But he faces opposition from both Damien and Quinn, fighting for Pearl’s affections and Pearl herself, who wants nothing to do with him. He gives Pearl an ultimatum that sends her and her two suitors reeling…
  • And just in time for the end of Season Two,  one character becomes the victim of near-fatal attack and a new man arrives in town that gets Sadie’s heart racing.

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