Episode 12: Spellbound

Iva/Sadie Promo for Episode 12


  • Gene picked Pearl up from the hospital and took her back to Haven.
  • Quinn, who was tailing Gene, became distracted by a bum whom he made his next victim.
  • Jude objected to Quinn’s plan to take Pearl for his own desires.
  • Damien reunited with Pearl at the Lawrence’s farm.

The Lawrence Farm, mid-afternoon

Pearl Tyler was back downstairs in her room, lying on the bed reading Stephen King’s Dolores Claiborne. Iva and Gene had a collection of books on a bookshelf in the basement; many of them were horror novels and murder mysteries. She was almost done the book and decided on Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express next. She figured by the time she had her baby, she would have read the entire collection of books.

She laid the book down on her swollen belly. “What do you think of Dolores for your name?” she asked her unborn daughter. “Dolores Tyler.” She got a not-so-subtle kick in reply. “Well, that’s a no.”  She chuckled to herself and went back to the book.

The bedroom door opened. Pearl turned her head to see Iva Lawrence standing there, a look of dread on her face.

“What’s wrong?” Pearl asked, becoming worried.

“Quinn is here. I thought I would warn you to stay down here. I’ll come back and let you know when he’s gone.”

“Oh no,” Pearl said. Her whole body stiffened in fear.

Iva walked over to the open windows and pulled the curtains, sending the room into darkness. “I don’t want him peeking in here seeing you. Gene’s out back with him now, and I’m going back to give him moral support. Hopefully he can persuade him to leave.” She shook her head. “I loathe that man.”

“Be careful,” Pearl warned.

Iva nodded and left the bedroom, shutting the door. Pearl sat there in the dark, silently praying Quinn wouldn’t stick around.


Outside in the barnyard

“You’re nuts Quinn. There’s nobody here but Iva, Sadie and I. Now go away,” Gene sharply told his foe.

Quinn Nightshade put his hands on his hips. “Don’t lie to me. I know you and Caleb and the rest of the Collins creatures are hiding a woman here in Haven, and I want to see her.” His brown eyes narrowed into tiny slits.

A burst of cold wind blew through and Gene buttoned his brown jacket to keep some warmth in. “I keep telling you nobody else is here! The only redhead in the house is Sadie’s old Raggedy Ann doll. Now leave, or you’ll regret it.”

Quinn approached him menacingly “I’m not leaving.”

Gene had enough. “I’m tired of your perversions Quinn. You want a woman so badly, get yourself a blowup doll. Or better yet, dig up your dead girlfriend and get your jollies on with her corpse. I have better things to do with my time.”

He turned around and began to walk away. In half a second, Quinn was on him and the two tumbled to the ground. Quinn’s supernatural strength was no match for the human farmer and the quasi-vampire opened his mouth, his fangs protruding out.

“Any last words before I drain the life out of you, you miserable bastard?” he hissed.

“How about batter up?” Quinn looked up to see Iva standing over him, clutching a baseball bat, a murderous look on her face. “I’m going to give you ten seconds to get off my husband. If you don’t, I’m going to knock you from here to Canada. You may have the strength, but I have the girth and I can crush you like an aluminum can. Now move!” she yelled.

“Do as the lady says,” Gene growled. You don’t want to make her even more upset, or she’ll cast a spell on you that will turn you into a vampire bat.”

Quinn reluctantly got up, brushing the dirt off his jeans and leather jacket. Iva helped her husband up and she moved towards Quinn, bat still in hand. “Now you’re going to do as my husband says. Get the hell off our farm. And stay out. You’re going to have to slaughter deer and bunny rabbits in the woods to get your precious blood from now on. Because if I catch you on this property, I’ll make sure you end up joining your sweetheart six feet under.” She raised the bat with a look of steel on her normally affable face.

“You can’t stop me,” Quinn vowed darkly. “I’ll come when you’re not here. I’ll find your guest—sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.” With that, he turned on his heel and left the backyard.  When he was out of sight, Gene smiled at his wife and threw his arms around her. “You are the bravest woman in the whole world. I love you.”

“Somebody has to look after you,” she said, giving him a kiss. She handed him the bat and cast a look towards the house. “I’m going to tell Pearl he’s gone. She’s lying there in the dark, poor thing. You coming?”

“In a bit. I want to secure things out here.”

Iva gave him another kiss, this time on the cheek and headed back inside. From an upstairs window, Sadie Todd stood watching. She had seen the whole confrontation, anger rising within her body. It was time to get Quinn out of their lives for good. She was going to move along with her plan, with or without her aunt.

Pearl still lay on the bed, her stomach filled with butterflies, wondering what was going outside. Then the door opened. She gave a gasp and then the room was filled with light again. Pearl shut her eyes which had gotten used to the dark. “It’s only me,” Iva spoke. Pearl sighed heavily and sat up, swinging her legs to the side of the bed. “What happened?” she asked excitedly.

“Well, Quinn was about to bite Gene in the neck when I appeared and threatened to beat the crap out of him with a baseball bat. He took the hint and left, but not without threatening to find you.” A look of hopelessness came over Pearl’s face, and Iva sat down beside her, putting a motherly arm around her shoulder. “He isn’t going to get you Pearl, I promise you.” Now why don’t you try and get some rest. I’ll bring supper to you later.”

Iva got up and gave her a reassuring smile. Pearl returned the smile with a weak one of her own and Iva left her alone again. As Pearl lay her head down on the pillows, she wished Damien was here with her to help her feel safe.


Sadie’s room

Sadie was still standing by the window when she heard the sound of approaching footsteps. She heard a knock on the door. “Come in,” she called.

Iva entered, frowning. “I saw everything Auntie,” Sadie revealed.

“I’m tired of playing the nice witch,” Iva replied. “I want that monster to suffer.”

Sadie grinned widely. “You mean—“

“Yes. “We’re going to bring Megan Manning back, and we’re going to start tonight after supper.”


Megan Manning’s grave, in the Nightshade’s backyard

Quinn was squatting down, his left hand gently stroking the dirt. “I never thought I would tell you this sweetheart, but there’s another just like you that’s come here to Haven, and she’s being hidden from me. I have to go on with my life, and I think this woman is the one to help me. It’s time that I finally let go.”

He gazed at the heart he carved in the tree trunk that towered over her grave. “I hope you understand. You know I love you, but I need someone that can I can be with physically. You can’t do that for me anymore.”

He stood back up and as he did so, a cool breeze gently stirred up in the autumn air. He smiled. “I hope that’s a sign that you agree with me. Goodbye Megan.” He turned around and began to make his way back to the house.


The Lawrence farm, evening

Pearl had just finished her dinner of beef stew and biscuits and was now sipping a cup of hot tea with honey. She was sitting in a rocking chair by her bed, an afghan that was crocheted by Iva covering her lap. The radio on the nightstand was on, playing big band music. Pearl recognized the tune as Glenn Miller’s “Moonlight Serenade.” An appropriate song for tonight, as the full moon was beginning to rise into the blue-black October sky.

That meant Damien and his family would be changing soon. She still couldn’t believe all of this was going on, with werewolves and half-human vampires running around the New England countryside. It was like being trapped in a gothic horror novel.

She sat back in the rocking chair and closed her eyes, listening to the melancholy notes, and soon sleep overtook her.


Outside on the Lawrence farm, an empty stable

Sadie was waiting anxiously for her aunt to arrive. The stable was cold and she wanted to get the spell done as soon as possible so she could get back to her warm bedroom.

Sadie had set up a wooden table. On top of it were four white candles, all lit. A mirror, which came from her bedroom wall, was in the center of the candles. Above the mirror lay a piece of paper with a circle containing different symbols she had drew.

Seconds later, the doors to the stable opened and a blast of cold air flooded the room. Sadie saw her aunt enter, wearing a black hooded robe and carrying a large leather bound book. A cold sober look was on her face. Sadie’s eyes widened at the sight of her aunt. She had never seen her like this.

Iva laid the book on a table that had been set up in the stable. She pulled her hood down and stared at her niece. “Are you ready?” she asked. “Gene is in the den reading his paper so he’ll be good for awhile.”

Sadie nodded slowly. Iva opened the book. “Place your hands over the mirror. After I read each passage, you repeat it clearly and slowly.”

Iva closed her eyes and began to say an incantation. “I evoke and conjure thee, O spirit that is Megan Manning, by the Supreme Majesty, the true God who is known by the names of Yod-Heh-Vav-Hei, Adonai, Eheieh and Agla, to appear before in this mirror in a fair and comely shape.”

Sadie repeated the verse as she was told. “Now we will gaze into the mirror and concentrate. Concentrate and remember how Megan looked,” Iva continued.

The two women gazed intently into the mirror. A few moments later, a gust of wind tore through the stable, almost blowing the candles out. Sadie gasped.

“Don’t break concentration!” Iva snapped.

Sadie regained her composure and stared into the mirror. Come to us Megan, she silently pleaded.

Then a frosty draft filled the room. “She’s coming. Continue to concentrate and look into the mirror,” Iva spoke.

The candles flickered again, and then Sadie’s eyes widened again as an outline of a woman began to form in the mirror. The flaming red hair jumped out instantly, followed by a beautiful, ethereal-looking round face with deep piercing blue eyes and pale skin. It was the image of Megan Manning.

“Are you Megan Manning?” Iva asked the image in the mirror.

“Yes,” the spirit replied matter-of-factly. “I am Megan Manning.”

“Megan, we have summoned you to command that you rise from your grave,” Iva demanded.

Megan’s spirit frowned. “Why must I do as you ask?”

“Because we need your help,” Sadie spoke up. “We need Quinn Nightshade to leave our family alone and you are the only one that can make that happen. Please Megan, please come back.”

“I will do no such thing, Megan sharply replied. “I am at peace now. Whatever problems you have with Quinn are not my concern.”

“You must return!” Sadie insisted forcefully.

“Megan, please forgive my niece’s outburst,” Iva said, taking control. “There is one more important reason you must come. There is another in Haven who is danger of facing the same fate as yours if you don’t help us. Quinn is determined to possess this innocent woman. We alone cannot shield her from him.” Iva placed her hand on the mirror. She is pregnant and I fear Quinn may harm her unborn child—“

A noise outside the stable made both women jump. “Quick, blow out the candles Sadie!” Iva heatedly whispered.

Sadie followed her aunt’s orders. Megan’s spirit faded from the mirror. Iva grabbed the paper of the magic circle and tucked it into her spell book. “Come on; let’s get back to the house. We’ll enter through the back way. I only hope the little time we spent talking to Megan’s ghost convinced her to come back.”


Deep in the forest

All the members of the Collins family were gathered in the woods. The moon was full and high in the black sky. And then it began. Each one—Caleb, Rhiannon, Damien and Astrid— slowly began to change. They had gotten used to turning, it was no longer painful for them as their limbs and bodies churned, twisted and stretched arduously. Clothes ripped apart as muscles bulged and bones shifted. Fur sprang from naked flesh. Bloody long claws pushed out of fingers and toes. Pointy ears took the place of human ones. The jaws cracked and elongated to make room for a mouth full of sharp, ferocious fangs. Noses elongated into wolf snouts with flared nostrils. Gentle eyes were now those of beasts ready for the prowl, glowing in the dark night like brake lights on a car.

Fully transformed into werewolves, the calm of the night was then pierced by howling…


The Lawrence farm, the dead of night

The sound of growling and heavy breathing coming from outside her bedroom window roused Pearl from her slumber. Getting her bearings, she thought of going to Iva and Gene’s room to wake them up, but decided not to. She had a feeling about what—or whom— was prowling around.

Now out of the rocking chair she fell asleep in, she got up and put on her slippers that were on the floor by her bed. She turned on the bedside lamp and slowly headed for the door that led out into the other part of the cellar, where another door awaited that opened to the outside.

There was a light switch by the door; Pearl flicked it on. With no fear, she left the basement and out into the night. The moon was white and huge. Pearl could make out the stables, silo and the chicken coop off in the distance. Then from far away, she could hear the howling.

Pearl quietly walked towards the stables. Suddenly a huge bulky shape appeared from her left side. The moon was bright enough to let Pearl see it was a large gray wolf, standing on two long human-like legs. Its red eyes glowed like illuminated rubies in the darkness.

She was startled only for a second then became transfixed by the extremely tall creature standing in front of her, the only sounds coming from it were heavy breathing and occasional growling. She had only seen werewolves in movies. Now here was one right in front of her. She almost wanted to touch it to make sure it was real, and not in a dream.

It moved toward her. “Damien?” she half-whispered.

A huge hand with long sharp claws reached out and gently stroked her cheek, as if to answer her question. “You promised me you wouldn’t come here tonight.” Then she shook her head, still a little shocked. “I’m talking to a werewolf. I can’t believe this.”

But she pressed on. “You need to go back to your family. I’m okay. I’ll see you later this morning. Now scoot.” She shook her head again. She just told a werewolf to “scoot.” This was unreal.

Damien looked at her, and then skulked away. Pearl could only stand there, watching him fade into the blackness. A sudden breeze started up, blowing her red hair around her face. With one last gaze at the moon, Pearl headed back into the farmhouse.

Next week is the first part of the season finale, which will be a two-part episode. Here’s a rundown of Episode 13, Part One:

  • While taking a leisurely walk on the Lawrence’s farm while the family is out of town, Pearl finally encounters Quinn in a horrifying way.
  • Duncan Tyler tries to learn his ex-wife’s whereabouts.
  • Jude pays his mother a visit at the sanitarium.

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