Episode 10: Road Games


  • Gene and Caleb talked about Damien’s sudden attraction to Pearl, who was on her way to Bangor.
  • Caleb told Gene his reason for not destroying Quinn.
  • Iva’s vision about Pearl having a health scare came true and she was taken away in an ambulance.

St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center, Lewiston, Maine

Pearl lay in a bed in a small room inside the ER, staring up at the beige ceiling. Although she was lucky that she had not lost her baby, she was terrified about what caused her sudden pains in the first place. Medical personnel had run tests but nobody had come back with the results yet. She was alone and scared. She was afraid she would never make it to Bangor.

Just then, a tall black man with a bald head and glasses entered her room. “Hello Mrs. Tyler,” he called to her. “I’m Doctor Harvey.”

“My baby, is she going to be okay?” Pearl pleaded, her whole body shaking.

Doctor Harvey smiled and a wave of relief flooded her body. “Your baby is healthy. There was no trace of bleeding or internal damage to the fetus in your sonogram. The only thing I can pinpoint is severe stress. You told the nurse earlier that you were in a car accident on your way to Bangor and bumped your head and you were being cared for by a family that rescued you. Did anything else happen during this time that could have contributed more stress besides the accident and your head injury?” he asked.

Pearl didn’t answer. She couldn’t tell them what Damien had told her almost two nights ago. They would send her straight from the hospital to an insane asylum.

“Mrs Tyler?” the doctor pressed.

Werewolves and vampires, they aren’t just legends, or horror movie characters anymore Pearl. We’re real, and we’re in Haven.

There is a half-human, half-vampire who lives here, not that far from us. There’s two of them. They’re brothers. Quinn and Jude Nightshade…

“Mrs Tyler, are you all right?” Doctor Harvey asked, concern showing on his face.

“Uh, yes, yes,” Pearl answered quickly. “I was just thinking—I recently got divorced, and there was a lot of stress over that,” Pearl told him. It was true. She hadn’t lied. But it wasn’t the major reason her mind was a carousel of emotions right now.

The doctor nodded, accepting her explanation. “Well, a traumatic divorce, coupled with pregnancy at your advanced age—“

“Advanced age?” Pearl frowned. “I really don’t call forty as being that old Doctor Harvey.”

The doctor chuckled. “Forty isn’t old, Mrs. Tyler, but when it comes to being pregnant, especially a first-time pregnancy, there are plenty of risks. I’m going to insist that you remain on bed rest and limited physical activity until you give birth.”

Pearl’s face blanched. “Does that mean that I can’t continue with my trip to Bangor?”

Doctor Harvey nodded. “It would be best if you gave up driving for a while.”

“No, I can’t do that!” Pearl exclaimed. “I’m not from here. I came all the way from Pennsylvania. I have no family or friends around here. Everything is waiting for me in Bangor. I must go!” She was on the verge of tears.

“What about the family you stayed with in Haven?” the doctor inquired.

“I can’t go back to Haven Doctor,” Pearl insisted. “I can’t explain it to you, but for the health and safety of my baby, that’s the last place I should be.”


The Lawrence Farm

Iva was sitting in the living room, anxiously waiting for Gene and Sadie to get home. Both had been away for quite a while, and she was getting worried. She wanted to tell them about her vision.

Moments later, her husband came through the door. She jumped out of her easy chair and hurried to him.

“Good Lord woman, what’s with you? You look like a scared rabbit,” he told her.

“I had another vision Gene while you were gone. This one was frightening.”

“Okay, let’s sit down and talk about it.” He had gotten used to her psychic abilities during the many years they were married. They headed for the sofa.

Once they were seated, took both of her hands in his. “Tell me what you saw.”

She looked down at her lap. “I saw a woman driving. It was raining. I don’t think it was too far from here. Anyway, she clutched her stomach in pain and cried out. She was pregnant.”

Some of the color drained from Gene’s face. “Iva, in this vision of yours, did this woman have red hair?”

“Yes,” she replied, surprised at his question. “Gene, I didn’t think you could—“

“I think I know who this woman is Iva. I met her today out at the Collins place. That’s just where I came from. She had long red hair and was pregnant. She was on her way to Bangor when she got into an accident. Damien found her in the woods near his house. She’s been staying with him and she left today for Bangor. Her name is Pearl Tyler.”

“Oh my God,” Iva muttered.

“Was there anything else in your vision? About the baby?” Gene asked, getting concerned.

“No. After she clutched her stomach, then I saw Quinn. He had this depraved look on his face—and then there was the red-headed woman, I mean Pearl, crying out no.”

Gene got up from the sofa and headed for the door. Iva followed him. “Where are you going?”

I’m going to drive to the nearest major hospital to see if Pearl may have been admitted. That’s Saint Mary’s in Lewiston,” he told her.

“Gene, you can’t go in this horrid weather,” Pearl replied, worried about him. “What if you get into an accident?”

“Don’t worry hon, I’ll be okay. You haven’t had any visions of me lately, now have you?” He grinned at her, then gave her a quick kiss. “As soon as I find out anything, I’ll give you a call from Lewiston.”

“Please do. I’d hate for anything to happen to her, especially if Quinn is involved.” She shivered. “That man gives me the willies.”

“Lock the door. Don’t let anyone in, unless it’s Sadie. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Iva followed Gene onto their porch and watched him get into his van. She waved as he drove off. She pulled her sweater tighter around her, hoping his trip would a safe and quick one.

As Gene was leaving, Sadie Todd was arriving. Relieved to see her niece return home, she watched as Sadie parked her little yellow scooter and ran for the house, dodging the raindrops.

“Hi Aunt Iva!” she greeted her relative cheerfully.

“Where have you been?” Iva demanded. “I’ve been worried sick!”

Sadie gave her aunt a hug. “You could say I was taking care of a little business,” she replied, a mischievous smile on her face.


Quinn Nightshade was driving out of Haven to clear his mind. After his heated confrontation with Sadie, he had to leave the house. Jude was already gone, attending to his own business so he would have to wait to tell him it was Sadie who was poking around Megan’s grave.

Trying to forget the argument, he turned up the radio to drown Sadie’s nasally voice out of his head. As he cruised along, a gray van rapidly came up on his driver’s side, passing him.

“Damn fool!” Quinn yelled out. Then he realized the van belonged to Gene Lawrence and his curiosity piqued. Where was he going in such a hurry?

Quinn decided to follow him. This could be interesting, he thought to himself. But he knows my car. I have to make it look like I’m not tailing him.

He dropped back several car lengths. Gene was going at a high rate of speed, not realizing Quinn was behind him.

He was heading for Route 26. There were quite a few towns along that route, with Lewiston and Auburn being the main cities. Quinn wondered just which town he was heading for.

At this point, several cars had joined Quinn and Gene. Quinn decided to move back farther to be less conspicuous. This was indeed going to be an interesting road trip.


The Lawrence Farm

Iva and Sadie were in the kitchen. Iva was at the counter stirring a cup of hot chocolate. When she was finished, she set it down in front of her niece who was at the table. Sadie carefully picked up the hot mug with both hands and inhaled deeply before taking a sip.

Iva joined her at the table and looked at her. “Well?”

“Well what?”

“Are you going to tell me about this ‘business’ you took care of?

Sadie grinned. “I went to Quinn’s house.”

Iva groaned. “Oh Sadie, how many times have I told you to stay away from him? Why are you so fascinated with that man? He’s nothing but trouble!”

“Aunt Iva, you have it all wrong. I’m not fascinated by him. I can’t stand the creep.”

“Then why are you poking around his property? And, is this what you’ve been doing with yourself all day?” Iva sat back in her chair, not pleased.

“I’ve been trying to find something that will make him leave us alone.”

“Oh no.” Iva shook her head. “I know what you’re up to, and it’s called blackmail.”

“Exactly.” Sadie took another sip of hot chocolate. “I found Megan’s grave.”

“Sadie, that’s not exactly shocking. We all had an inkling he buried her in his backyard.”

“Yeah, but we didn’t know where Auntie. Until now. It’s right on the edge of the woods, in front of the big lake that separates him from the Collins house, under a huge maple tree. There’s a tiny heart carved into the trunk. Quinn must have done that after he buried her. I can show you.”

Iva looked at her niece crossly. “I am not stepping foot on that monster’s property to see his girlfriend’s final resting place. She lived a torturous life while she was here, forced to be Quinn’s partner in blood. It’s best to let her rest in peace.”

“You really think so?” Sadie asked, giving her aunt a wink.

“What do you mean by that girl?” Iva scolded.

“Aunt Iva, you know I’ve been hesitant to use my powers. But what if you and I teamed up and cast a spell to bring Megan back from the dead?”

Iva was incredulous. “You’ve lost your mind, you know that? Oooh, sometimes I wish we never inherited these magical abilities. They usually do more harm than good!”

“But Auntie—“ Sadie objected.

“No, and that’s the end of it. There’ll be no more talk of raising the dead. It’s bad enough we have that half human vampire freak terrorizing us, we don’t need a ghost on our backs! Now drink your cocoa and get rid of those nasty thoughts.”

Sadie wouldn’t let up. “Hear me out. It’s the perfect way to get Quinn to leave us alone. If we brought Megan back we could use her as an instrument of revenge, to torment Quinn. Then we would call his bluff and he would have to stay away from us.”

“Sadie, how many times to I have to tell you to drop this Megan business? Nothing good comes out of using our powers for darkness. Perhaps if your mother had realized that, she and your father would still be alive. Have you forgotten how the fire that killed your parents started in the first place?”

Sadie stared into her mug. “No, I haven’t forgotten. But that was different. Mum was conducting a séance.”

“She was still trying to connect with the dead Sadie. What you’re planning is the same thing, and I want no part of it.”

“Well, then I’ll do it myself, without your help. It’s the only way we can get rid of Quinn Auntie. We’ve threatened him, we’ve tried to sell off our livestock, nothing works. Maybe a little push from the afterlife might do the job.”


A few hours later, Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center

“She’s upset that I’ve issued mandatory bed rest and limited activity until she gives birth Mr. Lawrence. But it’s absolutely necessary that she does this. These last few months of her pregnancy should be as stress-free as possible,” Doctor Harvey explained matter-of-factly to Gene. “It’s a good thing that she found a support system in your town. She told me she’s not from here and really doesn’t have anyone.”

Gene nodded. “Caleb—the one that owns the house she was staying at—told me she divorced her husband and she doesn’t have any family back home, outside of her former in-laws, who weren’t too keen on her in the first place. We’ll make things comfortable for her Doctor.”

“I’m glad to hear it. Ah, here we go. She’s the last room at the end of the hall on the right.” Doctor Harvey pointed out. “I’ll get her discharge papers ready so you can take her home.”

“Thank you Doctor.” The two parted and Gene scurried to Pearl’s room. She was sleeping. He quietly walked to her bed and took her right hand, squeezing it. “Pearl,” he called to her. “Wake up lass.”

Pearl murmured something incoherent, and slowly opened her eyes. She looked up and saw Gene. “Gene,” she replied, somewhat startled. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to take you home.”

“How on earth did you find me?” Pearl asked. “Nobody knows I’m here.”

Gene cleared his throat. “It’s a little hard to explain, but let’s get you dressed. You’re being discharged.”

“I can’t go back to Haven. If Quinn finds me—“

“He won’t, I promise you. You’ll stay with Iva and I. You can have the basement. We don’t allow Quinn down there. He won’t know you’re there. As soon as you have your little girl, we’re going to get you out of town. But for right now, it’s best you come with me.”


Quinn sat parked across the street from the hospital, furiously wondering what brought his nemesis all the way to Lewiston. Was he visiting someone? And if so, who? He just had to know.

His cell phone went off again and he knew it was his brother. Jude had repeatedly called him during his trip following Gene and he ignored the rings. He would do it again this time too.

He got out of the car, zipping up his black leather jacket. The rain had finally stopped but the wind picked up. As he made his way to the hospital entrance, his curiosity was at a full time high. He couldn’t wait to find out who Gene was seeing.

Then suddenly, he remembered something that Sadie had told him earlier in the afternoon. About her aunt having a psychic vision—-

She can see into the future. She gets visions. And guess what? You were in one of them this afternoon… In this vision, you apparently were about to harm a woman. With red hair…

Could that be why Gene was here? Was he with a woman with red hair? But how could that be, when there was nobody else in Haven but the Lawrences, he, his brother, and that bunch of filthy werewolves?

Then it dawned on him. The blue car that Caleb and Damien claimed was abandoned. He was right. Someone was staying with them, and it was a red-headed woman. That’s why they didn’t want him looking around. They were able to get her out of town before he could see her. And now Gene was in on it too. You think you all were able to fool me. But it didn’t work, he thought, an evil grin forming on his face. I’ve found her. I wonder if she looks anything like my Megan. Perhaps I have another chance after all…

Coming up next:

  • Pearl returns to Haven; Damien is both overjoyed and frightened about her comeback.
  • Jude tells Quinn to drop his quest to “take” Pearl and to leave the Lawrences alone.
  • Quinn’s latest run-in with Gene prompts Iva to go along with Sadie’s sinister plan.

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