Episode 9: Downpour


  • Pearl said goodbye to her rescuers and finally left Haven.
  • Sadie and Quinn got into a violent argument. During the confrontation, she told him about Iva’s vision involving Pearl.

Early evening

Pearl Tyler was finally on her way to Bangor. And that meant she could concentrate on the real world now, not werewolves or vampires. She was glad to leave that back in fantasy-land where it truly belonged.

She turned on the heater. The temperature had dropped from about 64 to the mid 50’s since she left Haven about thirty minutes ago and the rain was starting up again. Just once, I’d like a nice sunny day during a long drive, she thought to herself.

A green road sign was in the near distance. The next town was another fifteen miles and so was the exit to I-95, where she probably should have stayed, instead of taking the scenic route.

“We’re not too far now, little one,” Pearl told her unborn daughter. Soon we’ll be in Bangor, and that weird little town of Haven will be a distant memory.” But as an image of handsome Damien Collins flashed through her mind, she wondered if the memory would really be so distant after all.


The Collins home

Back in Haven, Damien looked out the living room window. The rain was steadily falling and a mist had settled that made the surrounding woods look mysterious. He leaned his head against the cool glass, thinking of Pearl. Deep down he knew she couldn’t have stayed here, but part of him wished she was still here.

His father Caleb, and good friend Gene Lawrence watched him from the kitchen. “I’ve never seen my son fall so quickly for a woman Gene. Pearl was only here a day and a half. He makes Romeo look like a late bloomer.”

“Love is strange, that’s for sure,” Gene mused. “It took six months before Iva would even agree to go out with me. Then we were married four months after our first date. And look at us now, still together, after thirty years. Her parents said it wouldn’t last. We sure proved them wrong.”

“Well, I hope Damien gets over her quickly.” Caleb frowned in concern. “Pearl could have never stayed in Haven, not looking like she does. If that—that—that— thing Quinn ever saw her, she wouldn’t have stood a chance.”

The sound of his foe’s name made Gene want to vomit. “God, I hate that man, if that’s what you want to call him. He bothers us day and night, demanding blood. I can’t kill my animals quickly enough to give him what he craves. He’s sick and diseased. I would kill him myself if I could. But I’ve seen his wrath. I know what he can do Caleb.”

Caleb snorted. “All I need is to find him when the wolf in me comes out. He’d be torn to pieces.”

“Then why don’t you do it Caleb. Put him out of his misery and maybe Haven could be a real town again!” Gene whispered heatedly.

“One thing stops me Gene, and that’s his brother. Jude is a good man. He’s not like Quinn at all. He would be devastated at the thought of losing his older sibling. Quinn, unfortunately, is all he has. Their father is God knows where, probably off killing more people—or turning them into bloodsuckers— and their mother is locked up in an insane asylum, convinced she never gave birth to them. How would you like to be denied by your own mother, to watch her lose her mind because she chose to dally with a vampire and birth two children? That’s probably why Quinn is the way he is,” Caleb assumed. “I thank the Lord almighty every day that Rhiannon didn’t run off after she found out what I really was. She chose this life, hell, she welcomed it, and that’s probably why Damien and Astrid grew up right. She chose to embrace the beast. Not many women could.”

“And Pearl?” Gene wondered.

“Pearl couldn’t have handled it. You should have seen her reaction when Damien told her we were werewolves. She called us freaks and was ready to bolt out the door,” Caleb recalled.

“But something stopped her Caleb.”

“My son. Damien calmed her down and assured her that we don’t stalk humans. He was able to convince her that not only do we really exist, but so do Quinn and Jude.”

“Well then, if she was able to accept it, then maybe if she had stayed, things would have been fine.”

Caleb vehemently shook his head. “If Quinn weren’t here, then everything would have been fine. But the reality is, he is here, and Pearl is safe now that she’s gone.”


Interstate 95

The rain was coming down in torrents as the ambulance, with its lights flashing, was parked on the side of the highway. One paramedic was closing the back doors and then jumped into the driver’s seat.

The other was in the back with Pearl, checking her vital signs and inserting an IV into her right hand. Tears were streaming down her face as she moaned, one hand furiously rubbing her belly.

“No, no, no, no, no, no….nooooooo!” she wailed. “I can’t lose my baby, I can’t!”

Then the siren sounded, piercing the chilly fall evening air and the ambulance was on its way to the closest hospital’s emergency room. The first part of Iva Lawrence’s vision had come true…

Coming up next:

  • Pearl gets good and bad news regarding her unborn baby.
  • Iva tells Gene her vision of Pearl, which sends him on a search for her.
  • Quinn spontaneously plans a sinister a road trip.

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