Episode 7: Eye Spy


  • Quinn confronted Caleb, Rhiannon and Astrid over Pearl’s car.
  • Damien confessed to Astrid about his sudden feelings for Pearl.
  • Quinn spied on the Collins home from his car hidden in the woods.

Early Afternoon, the Collins home

Caleb and Damien were in the front of the house anxiously working on Pearl Tyler’s car. Caleb was able to get the battery working again, and Damien was sanding off the scratches on the front bumper. He couldn’t do anything about the dents, but he was sure that when Pearl got to Bangor, she could get them fixed. The dents were the least of his worries. Now that Quinn Nightshade had a suspicion a human was in Haven, he had to make sure she was gone before he came back to spy. Little did he know Quinn was hiding in the woods inside his car across from the house, watching he and his father’s every move.


Quinn had been spying on the two Collins men for several hours, but all he got for his stalking was watching them work on the car. There had been no sign of the mysterious driver. He was sure Rhiannon and Astrid were keeping him—or her—inside, away from him. But that person couldn’t stay in the house all day, and he was banking on them to come outside. Then the real stalking would begin.

Quinn turned up the radio. “Every Breath You Take” by The Police was playing, an appropriate song for what was going on at the moment. He tapped his hands on the steering wheel and sang along.

Every breath you take

Every step you make

I’ll be watching you…

The sudden ring of his cell phone interrupted his crooning. He looked at the LCD screen and saw it was his brother Jude. “Jesus you have lousy timing little brother,” he muttered grouchily. He pressed the talk button. “What is it Jude?” he barked into the phone.

“Nice to talk to you too,” his brother replied sarcastically. “Where the hell are you? You’ve been gone for hours!”

“Don’t you get tired of playing brother’s keeper?” Quinn retorted.

Jude was not putting up with the attitude. “Spare me the smart mouth and just tell me where you are.”

Quinn sighed dramatically. “It’s not really any of your business, but you won’t shut up if I don’t tell you, so I will. I’m parked in the woods across from the Collins place. Remember that car I told you about last night?”

“Christ Quinn, tell me you’re not scoping the house out looking for your phantom human visitor,” Jude said in exasperation.

“They’re hiding something, I tell you,” Quinn insisted.

“Quinn, get real for just one second. Even if they did have someone there, they sure as hell wouldn’t tell you. None of them can stand your guts, especially Damien. I’m surprised they haven’t torn you to pieces yet.”

Quinn chuckled. “You certainly have a grim sense of humor brother. But all the more to see what’s going on in there. They’re a bunch of wolves for Christ’s sake. Not the sharpest or most sophisticated monsters, you know?”

“At least they haven’t added to their ranks, unlike someone else I know,” Jude replied knowingly.

Quinn suddenly got quiet. “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” Jude mocked.

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore Jude.”

“Me neither. But seriously, you need to end this silly stakeout and come home. Something has happened, and it’s not good. Not good at all.”

Quinn sighed again in irritation. “What is it this time?”

“Megan’s grave has been disturbed.”

Quinn nearly dropped the phone, and his stomach lurched.

“Quinn?” Jude said.

He quickly got back his composure. “What do you mean, disturbed?” he asked coolly.

“I went to bring her some flowers. When I got to the grave, I noticed another set of footprints and what looked like hands brushing away dirt. I ran back home and called you first thing,” Jude soberly explained.

“I’ll be right there. Don’t leave,” Quinn sharply ordered his brother. He hung up the phone. He took one last glance at the Collins home. Caleb and Damien were no longer outside. He started up his car and began his way home.


The Lawrence Farm

Iva Lawrence was in the chicken coop on her farm, collecting eggs to take into a nearby town to sell at the farmer’s market. She loved being outside doing chores. It took her mind off her husband’s nasty business with Quinn Nightshade.

She couldn’t stand the sight of the arrogant creature, demanding blood every week to fulfill his sick cravings. She would kill him herself if she could, but she knew if she made a move towards him physically, she would be the one six feet under. And she couldn’t leave her niece Sadie orphaned again. She loved her too much to risk her life.

Iva carefully gathered up eggs, placing them into a wire basket. The chickens were producing a good number this fall, which meant more money—and hopefully more of a chance to finally leave this cursed town, and give Sadie her dream of attending school—and away from Quinn. She didn’t like her niece’s growing fascination with him and had warned her to stay far away.

She left the chicken coop and began heading back towards the farmhouse. The sky, which was blue this morning, had quickly turned gray. More rain was on the way, and a breeze picked up.

Iva entered the kitchen and set the basket of eggs on the kitchen counter so she could wash them.  She sat down at the table and looked out the big bay window. The road by their farm was silent. Years ago, she welcomed the quiet. Now, it just unnerved her.

Suddenly, an icy pain seared through her head, and her whole body began to tremble. She knew what was happening. Another vision was coming through. She had learned to recognize when a premonition would strike her, but it still caught her off guard. She closed her eyes to let the images fill her mind.

It was raining. A blue four-door car was driving on a lonely stretch of road. Inside the car was a pretty middle-aged woman with long red hair. She was pregnant. She was smiling and singing along to a song on the radio. And then all of a sudden, she stopped the car and began to cry out in pain, clutching her stomach. The red-headed woman faded out, and another person faded in—Quinn Nightshade. He had a look on his face that Iva could only feel as pure lust. He had a demonic grin on his face. Then she saw the red-headed woman again, with a look of total terror on her face. “No!” she cried out…

And then… nothing. Just as quickly as the vision appeared, it ended. The iciness and the trembling had subsided and everything was back to normal. Iva sat there, trying to make sense of what she had seen. She didn’t know who the woman was, but she knew she was going to be in some sort of danger. And Quinn was that source of danger.

She got up and started pacing the floor, hoping her husband would be home soon. Then she could tell him what she saw. Maybe this would be the key for her and her family to finally be free of Quinn Nightshade…

Coming up next:

  • Sadie confronts Quinn—and in the heat of the moment tells him about Iva’s vision of Pearl.
  • Gene meets Pearl.
  • Pearl says her goodbyes to the Collins family as she prepares to leave Haven.

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